Chengyan Tan

Chengyan Tan

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

About Chengyan Tan

Hello, I am Yan, I am an independent Artist based in Shanghai.

I am always attracted by a mystery invisible energy from Nature, I do not know what it is, I am always trying to capture it.
But I can feel that it is around us, it drives the universe moving, It is inside our body, IT IS US, IT IS EVERYTHING, IT IS A STATE OF BEING.
It is transforming all the time.
my painting is a connection to this mystery energy:
Sometimes, I paint a circle, a black hole, or some organic shapes.
Sometimes, I draw some weird cats, I think these cats are some kind of god.
And sometimes, I draw woman body plants.
I think the images I have created actually exist in the reality, they are hiding somewhere.

My artworks are an on-going research about these images.

For the material and method of creation,
normally I started by using ink, gouache and acrylic with water. It is an amazing moment when the pigment met water, it will create a movement that out of my expectation. And after that, I will use pigment or pencil to emphasize the shapes that I am looking for. At beginning of the creation, my mind is totally free with a certain state and allows the shapes come out of my brush. After the early stage, my awareness came back, I will be more rational to the images and then makes the edges of the images more clear.

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2009 - 2010
Utrecht School Of The Arts, The Netherlands
Master of Fine Art

2004 - 2008
Applied Art/Graphic design Shanghai Institute of Technology
Department of Art & Design
Bachelor degree of Art, Shanghai, China

2001 - 2004
Shanghai Arts & Crafts College, Shanghai, China
Visual Arts Degree of Secondary Vocational School



The Visible Progress of the Invisible - Cheng Yan Tan & John Franzen
B32, Maarstricht, The Netherlands

Centre for Contemporary Art Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Dare 5 - Collective Individualism-Interventions In and Through the Public Space
Expodium, The Netherlands

Catching up
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Open End-Chengyan Tan Solo Exhibition
Stir gallery, Shanghai

Fruit Object

FRINGE shanghai, the bridge 8, shanghai

“+” Experimental