Cheryl Eggleston

Cheryl Eggleston

Plantation, FL, United States

About Cheryl Eggleston

I work in Alkyds and Acrylics, both being relatively new mediums to the making of art, given art’s long history. I prefer alkyds, which are a resin based, fast-drying oil paint; and I enjoy the tactile quality of the medium. Alkyds dry slower than acrylics, but faster than oils and the slower drying property of alkyds gives me more time to express my thoughts. It’s a plus, for me, that alkyds dry in a matter of a day or two.

It’s my nature to keep things neat and I find disorganization distracting to my creativity and focus. I was educated as a Graphic Designer and I believe that is another likely reason my work leans to hard edges and smooth color fields.

Balance plays an important role in my compositions. Shapes, color, texture, and intensity all must find their appropriate place. For me, balance plays a part in all my creative decisions, color, rhythm, proportion, contrast, etc. I do concern myself with motion, but not with focal point. I create my works as a whole, therefore they are meant to be experienced as such. Whether my composition is simply a design study, or an ambiguous, message-driven piece, balance seems to be paramount in the making of my art.


Graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Atlanta where I studied Visual Communications/Graphic Design.


I'm a juried member of the Florida Artists Group, and the National Art League. I am a member of the National League of American Pen Women (Arts)


6th Int'l Art Rèsilience Exhibition -online
Musèe de Peinture de Saint-Frajou, France
Received the Painting Award 2020

2020 Florida Artists Group, Foosaner Museum, Melbourne, FL
Coral Springs Art Museum, 'Inspired By' Exhibit 2020
The Continuum 2020, Palm Beach Art Fair
Art Buckhead, 2019 Atlanta, GA
Beauty of the Small, Ringling College of Art & Design Florida Artists Group 2019
Gadsden Art Assoc. 61st Annual Juried Show 2019 Gadsden, AL Received 2nd Place Acrylics
My work has been exhibited at the local, state, national and international level.