Chicote cfc

Chicote cfc

Alcorcon, Madrid, Spain

About Chicote cfc

Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain, December 20 of 1963.
Chicote CFC studied his primary, secondary and pre-university in the "Centre of studies John XXIII" from Alcorcon (Madrid). At a young age starts to give symptoms of a great sense and artistic sensitivity, qualities that make it possible for you to school, just over 12 years, performing his first works of a certain degree of complexity through the use of techniques such as tempera, watercolor, ink or oil.
After a first career in the childhood as self-taught, with the only method and reference of study it observation and imitation of them classic of the art as well as of them avant-garde of the surrealism and abstraction of it time, decides to in 1984 in order complement and develop their faculties artistic, enter in the "Center of studies academic of art-Artium" in Madrid-Spain (governed by "Eduardo Peña", remarkable painter and heir of a consolidated saga generation of artists plastics) all this accompanied of varied raids in activities of different nature business and economic. Their work begins to intersperse painting with elements and technical mixed.
During all this time manages to introduce is more to fund in the world artistic arriving to participate in exhibitions collective ("Sala Eureka" "Duran Gallery" - Antiques) e also begins to take involuntarily contact with the world of it photography thanks to them numerous travel that carries to out and that still today not you have abandoned, what you allows of way progressive go acquiring them knowledge and the experience required for make of this field a new and particular method of expression and creativity.
In 1985 he participated as a collaborator and art critic in the newsletter fortnightly "Nifer", Alcorcon - Madrid.
A beginning of studies in the branch of sciences and a great interest by the new technologies have been determining factors for its fast connection with the new advances in computer science. At the same time that the media evolved and allowed to have more agile creation tools, it was specializing and repairing in the digital design and image as well as in the search for new ways of dealing with art. More than 25 years as graphic designer, photographer, painter and in the world of digital art complete his career.
The insatiable thirst of knowledge both cultural, artistic as human, you have pushed to continue traveling and to introduce is to fund in the world of the photography, achieving meet instant plastic and documentary of more than 80 countries, through them five continents.
In the year 2012 creates the "Simbiosismo" or "art movement symbiotic" that merges photography and painting as well as vision and cognition, all under a digital environment wrapped in innovative topics supported in a peculiar sociological human environment study, always loaded with a background of social criticism in an attempt "to raise level of artwork of very high standard pictorial photography and an excellent photographic optics the painting".


Result of an extreme, highly reflective observation, with an irresistible need to externalize concerns that can be recapitulated on the basis of a new trial all those principles which by seem irrelevant have finished ignoring, the work of "Chicote CFC" flees of the monotony of monochrome drawings and the simplicity of minimalism. Atypical implementation is resolved between an abundance of textures, color tones without limits, specific reflections and subtle transparencies in between seem to veiling.
Sheltered in the resources that the new technologies bring "Chicote CFC" conceives a new way of doing and treating the art that he calls "Symbiosis" (symbiotic art) with which he has managed to blur the limits between photography and painting. Digital support that despite having among its tools a wide range of traditional resources, decides to abandon them and to place their work focus in the snapshots collected throughout his multiple trips, that put shows at a glance the reliable range of lights and colors provided by the photographic reality to its creation. He opts without a doubt for "raising the level of artistic work of very high pictorial level photography and excellent photographic optics painting"
His work, very critical, It reveals the faculty which possesses the human being to be constructive with motivation and destructive with relaxation, element to which he captivates the misfortune of others, while at the same time obtaining the consolation of his own drama, who lives continuously protecting himself from his greed, selfishness and envy. His works they do not aspire or try to reflect those aspects that exalt the beauty and human quality, but if those issues that determine the harshness and frivolity with which he acts in certain circumstances. It would be correct to say that he intends to place dressings on his hardships.
His work is deeply focused on a study exercise around the implanted doctrine of the incessant and stressful dynamism that human activity brings, and that has undoubtedly gone far beyond the natural spontaneous change rhythm, to opt for a continuous construction process and deconstruction.
This is a form of conception, this is my perception and this my contribution,
"I have studied in the best schools and the best teachers. I absorbed and studied the work of all geniuses who preceded me ."


Events chronology:

• 1978. Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic of the "Centre of studies academic Juan XXIII" in Alcorcón (Madrid). It is awarded the 2nd Prize.
• 1982. EEUU. Tests for admission to the "Hanna Barbera" USA animation studios, home to Madrid.
• 1983. Spain. Take part in the contest of Arts plastic for new artists them of the "Sala Eureka" of the "Duran Gallery" - Antiques ". Finalist. It is admitted into the collective exhibition. Madrid.
• 2016. Luxembourg. Take part in the "Art Prize Emerging Artist of Luxembourg".
• 2016. Italy. Take part in the "Art Prize MOCA lagoon" Venice.
• 2016. Mexico. Exhibition at the "4th International Symposium Contemporary Architecture" Faculty of Architecture Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.
• 2016. England. Take part in the “Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize” London.
• 2016. Italy. Take part in the “Yicca International Contest of Contemporary Art”.
• 2016. Germany. Take part in the “NordArt 2017 Kunstwerk Carlshútte” Rendsburg/Büdelsdorf.
• 2016. EEUU. Take part in the “Artavita Contest - Gateway Art Center New York City. Finalist.
• 2017. EEUU. Take part in the “Chelsea International Fine Art Competition” New York.
• 2017. Italy. Take part in “Its Liquid International Contest”. Venice.
• 2017. México. Take part in the “11ª Bienal Puebla de los Ángeles” Puebla de los Ángeles.
• 2017. France. It is admitted into the “Circle Foundation for the Arts”.
• 2017. Spain. Contemporary Collective Exhibition. "Abartium" Gallery. Calldetenes. Barcelona.
• 2017. Spain. Individual Exhibition “Al Paso Gallery (Level 1 & 2)” “Municipal Center of the Arts Buero Vallejo”. Town Hall of Alcorcón. Madrid.
• 2017. Spain. Take part in the XXII Digital Art Award Jaume Graells. Ayuntamiento de Igualada.
• 2018. Spain. Individual Exhibition “Coliseo de las Artes”. Town Hall of Villaviciosa de Odón. Madrid.
• 2018. Spain. Individual Exhibition "Abartium Gallery". Calldetenes. Barcelona.
• 2018. Spain. Take part in the 53rd Queen "Sofía" Prize of painting and sculpture. Madrid. Selected finalist.
• 2018. Spain. Collective Exhibition. "Casa de Vacas del Parque del Retiro". Madrid.
• 2018. Spain. It becomes part of the AEPE (Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors).
• 2018. España. XXVIII International and Multidisciplinary Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Montesquiu Castle. Diputación de Barcelona.
• 2018. España. XXVIII International and Multidisciplinary Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Claret Foundation. Barcelona.


Invited to participate:
• 2016. Principality of Mónaco. International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art “Art Mónaco”.
• 2016. Italy. Exhibition "Effetto arte" Ass. Socio Cultural EA Editores. San Francisco of Asís.
• 2016. United States. “Art Expo New York”. International Art Fair.
• 2017. England. “Brickline Gallery” Collective Exhibition London.
• 2017. Spain. “Art Fair Malaga” International Contemporary Art Fair.
• 2017. Spain. “Hartexpo 2017” International Art Fair Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona.
• 2017. Italy. “Personal Structures” Bienal of Venice.
• 2017. Italy. Art Biennial of “Peschiera del Garda”.
• 2017. Italy. International Art Fair “Visionary Art Show Italy”. Lecce.
• 2017. Argentine. “BodySpaces Human+Hibrids” It`s Liquid Art Show. Buenos Aires.
• 2017. Italy. Biennial “Anima Mundi”. Venice.
• 2017. Spain. UFO Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid.
• 2017. Italy. Timeless Fragments Festival. PPLG Contemporary Art. Brindisi.
• 2017. United States. Spectrum Miami. World Wide Art. Artavita. Miami.
• 2017. Italy. 2º International Prize “Leonardo da Vinci”. Florence.
• 2017. Senegal. Dak`Arts 2018. International Sculpture and Painting Symposium.
• 2017. Italy. 8º International Prize “Premio Combat”. Livorno.
• 2018. Italy. Liquid Rooms. The Labyrinth, Its Liquid International Art. Venice.
• 2018. Colombia. Alchemic Body. International art festival. at “Jorge Jurado” Gallery Bogotá.
• 2018. Italy. ScoglieraViva. Outdoor Sculpture Competition. Venice.