Freiburg, Baden Württemberg, Germany


Welcome to the website of Christa Haack. Here you will find information about the internationally working artist Christa Haack, who has set up her studio in the southern German town of Gutach/Breisgau near Freiburg im Breisgau. Learn how the artist works, what inspires her and where you can find her wonderful works.

The freelance artist Christa Haack, who is at home in European metropolises such as Paris and London as well as in idyllic Breisgau, Paints in an expressive abstract manner. Her work oscillates around cold and warm colour spectra, which are always in dialogue with the artist's innermost being. The starting point of her dynamic abstractions is a subtle intuition, which she captures on canvas through different materials and magnificent colours. In each of her works the artist celebrates colour in its very own texture as the pure essence of painting.

The use of different materials makes the processuality of the artistic work very clear. First of all, textures are created on the canvas using the finest painting materials, such as marble powder and the so-called champagne chalk. This is followed by first applications of paint, which sometimes disappear again, so that only the idea of the former colour field resonates on the tableau. In further steps the artist uses stains and glazes to make highly pigmented acrylic paints vibrate. Christa Haack allows colored surfaces to break up, overlap, shift and sometimes destroy the areas that have been created. In an intimate examination of colour and composition she thus enters into a flowing creative process, The end of which can be felt anew each time.

Christa Haack was trained at academies in Paris and London, where she first learned to observe precisely and deal profoundly with painting materials before freeing herself from conventional motif-bound painting.

Through numerous workshops and the lively international exchange with artists, the work of the committed artist is constantly developing. Her work is characterized by painterly freedom, which enables her to translate her inspirations into colourful and profound paintings. The artist draws from an enormously rich visual fund, which she abstracts and makes visible to the observer as moving colour.

The works of Christa Haack are known to an international public through exhibitions and purchases, among others in Grat Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, China, USA and Canada.

My art work are painted with highly pigments acrylic colors, varnished including UV-protection. The artworks will be shipped in a cardboard box, covert on both side against puncture.

Images are privately owned in UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Tschech Republic,China, Canada


1988-1989 studies at the "union central des arts decoratifs" - Paris

2003 - 2006 - studies at the Hamsteadt School of Art - Kings College Campus - London - Painting

Since 2006 studies at well respected academies of art in Germany and Itay

Lecturer at the Abstract Art Academy - Freiburg/London

Juror at the AAA Freiburg/ London


Saatchi Art: artist of the day 26.10.2016


2014 Camaver Kunsthaus Bellano - Italy
2014 Rietumu Art Gallery Riga - Latvian
2014 Arte international Binningen - Switzerland
2014 TONART Gallery Hombrechtikon - Switzerland ( for ART for AFRICA)
2015 "art innsbruck 15" Innsbruck - Austria
2015 Gallery Kass - Innsbruck . Austria
2015 Catalog Kitz Art - Kitzbühel - Austria
2015 Catalog ARS ARTIS - Shipping Art House - Feldkirch Austria
2015 "Altes Dampfbad" Baden-Baden- Germany
2015 St-ART - Strasbourg - France
2015 Art Sylt - List - Germany
2015 5. Exposition Int. des Artistes du Monde - Cannes- France
2015 Arte Binningen - Binningen - Switzerland
2015 Stadtsparkasse Freiburg - Freiburg/Germany 2016 "Villa Berberich" Bad Säckingen-Germany
2016 Gallery "Art Atelier 21" Böblingen - Germany
2016 Art Space Gallery - New York
2016 21. Art-Innsbruck - Innsbruck - Austria
2016 Abstract-Art-Academy - Freiburg- Germany
2016 Galerie Zeitkunst - Baden Baden . Germany
2016 Artistes du Monde - Cannes - France 2016 Gallery M. Beck - Homburg/Saar - Germany 2016 Stadtsparkasse Waldkirch - Germany
2016 "Sinneswandel" - Endingen/Freiburg - Germany
2016 Georg Scholz Haus - Waldkirch - Germany
2016 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg/Herdern - Germany

2017 Galerie - Ewa-Helena - Hamburg - Germany
2017 ARTisani - Frödenberg-Unna - Germany
2017 Galerie Uniklinik - Freiburg - Germany
2017 Artconnection - Aachen - Germany
2017 Art Salon Q3 - Sassnitz - German
2017 Art Salzbug - Salzburg - Austria
2017 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg - Germany
2017 ART'PUL .- Pulheim . Germany
2017 Sofa-Loft - Hannover - Germany
2017 Berliner Liste - Berlin - Germany
2017 Levantehaus - Hamburg - Germany
2018 Villa Berberich - Bad Säckingen - Germany
2018 Sparkasse Emmendigen - Abstract Art Acedemy - Germany
2018 Gallery Art Innovation - Innsbruck - Austria
2018 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg/Herder-Germany / Organzier
2018 Art Salzburg - Austria
2019 Gallery " Tryit Art" Bragg Creek - Canada
2019 " Taste of the World" - San Francisco
2019 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg/Herdern-Germany / Organizier
2019 Back to the Pictures Gallery - San Francisco
2020 Kunst erst Recht - Arbeitsgericht Freiburg/Germany
2020 Citygallery Freiburg/Germany
2020 - UNTITLED 2020 - Kunst stellt aus - Rheinfelden/Switzerland
2020 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg/Herdern - Germany /Organizer
2020 Kunst erst Recht - Freiburg / Organizer
2020 Anduma:Building Bridges - Casale Monferrato-Italy - Gallery 44- Bragg Creek-Canada
2020 ART Box Project - Zürich-Switzerland
2021 - Gallery Meckelhalle - Freiburg(er)Leben - Freiburg/Germany /Organizer 2021 NOVUM Basel - Basel/Switzerland
2021 Kunst in Szene - Freiburg - Germany - Organizer
2021 - Achilles - Emmending/Freiburg - Germany 2021 Praxis Dr. Ludin - Freiburg - Germany - Solo exhibition

Kunstverein Freiburg - Freiburg - Germany
Abstract-Art-Academy - Freiburg - London - Germany


Palm Art Award 2014 + 2015
Kitz Art Award 2015 2018 - 2. Publikumspreis der Abstract Art Academy - Freiburg 2019 1. Publikumspreis - Freiburg/Herdern