Christel Wermuth

Christel Wermuth

D-52068 Aachen, NRW, Germany

About Christel Wermuth

In her work, Christel Wermuth describes a journey to an unknown destination, but with recurring elements.
One will the see constant changes in her work. She works with images, which although having a similar base, can be interpreted differently.
C.W. works with multifaceted aspects. The many layers are applied swiftly and form a condensed surface which is then broken up by artistic intervention. Palette-knife and scraping techniques allow the underlying layers to form a vivid base for very distinct forms and subjects.
Throughout the entire oeuvre, bizarre objects in the form of wide and curved line segments or star-shaped and jagged forms are present.
These varied, moving and always different forms show the constant search of the artist for something new to discover. It is this restlessness that drives her.
The theme of "growth and decay", and "giving and taking" are a central motif within her work.
C.W. works are at first abstract, yet very narrative. Overall a mysterious veil covers the whole scene.
This invites the viewer in to a mysterious world that slumbers in secret.
To lift this veil is the aim of C.W.'s artistic work.


* 1951 in Ibbenbüren (D); artistic education in the context of teacher training at the universities of Bielefeld and Aachen. With a focus on art (1970-73) studied among others with Prof. Joachim Bandau. Continuing education in many courses in various summer academies and at Ludwig Forum Aachen. Since 1998 continuously single - and group exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
Member of the Association dreieck.triangle.driehoek -
Member of the Association of professional visual artists Aachen –
Artistic priorities are experimental and free painting.


Exhibtions since 2015

2015 "FLOATING BALANCE“, BBK-Galerie,Aachen
EUROPA“, Schloss Wickrath,Mönchengladbach;
Aula Carolina, Aachen
2015 Kunstroute 2015:„QUER-FÄLLT-EIN“,
2015 Jahresausstellung des BBK Aachen, Katalog

2016 International Association for the Study of
Dreams 2016, Abtei Rolduc, Kerkrade (NL)
2016 „Freiraum“, Haus Cadenbach, Aachen
2016 Kunstroute Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid
2016 „kult-ur-gut“Gruppenausst. des Vereins

2017 „Tanz der Elemente“, Cafe/Restaurant
„Pasqualini“, Jülich (S)
2017 ART TOUR de Stolberg, Atelierhaus Birgit
Engelen, Skupturengarten Hammerberg
2017 „Offene Aachener Künstlerateliers“, BBK-
Aachen/Euregio e.V.
2017 Galerie De Gau, Vaals (NL),(S)
2017 Maison art Pütz, Montzen (B)
2017 Jahresausstellung des BBK Aachen,

2018 BBK-Galerie, Aachen (S)
2018 "Stoffwechsel", Tuchwerk Aachen
2018 Jahresausstellung des BBK Aachen,
2018 "Menschenbilder 3 ...über die Seele...",
KunstForum Eifel, Gemünd
2018 Kunstroute Herzogenrath
2018 "Kunst für Kohle", Galerie Bücken, H`rath
2018 3. Jahresausst. im Künstler-Forum Schloss
Zweibrüggen, Ü.-Palenberg (Katalog)

S = Single exhibition; NL = Netherlands; B = Belgium