Christian Gastaldi

Christian Gastaldi

Paris, France

About Christian Gastaldi

I conceive my creations as a painter, even though I hardly use paint! I conceive my creations as a poet, even though I destruct words, to retain only fragment of letters, desperate attempts to communicate.
My preferred materials are those that can be found in the streets, having suffered the passing of time, those whose mundane functions do not spontaneously elect them as arty material. I build my work upon the humanity and the fragility I perceived in those.
I am interested in rhythm and composition. I try to develop the graphic equivalent of the ‘style’ for a writer.
( more in a 16 pages article in LandEscape review )
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Commissioned Works
2017: Manhattan West hotel - NY (USA)
2016: Méridien Jazz Club - Paris (France)
2015: Cow parade- Paris (France); Visual Poetry in Europe - Fundazione Sarenco (Luciano Benetton)
2012: 2.4 x 7.5 m wall for Vincci Bit Hotel in Barcelona

July 2019 : Street Art City - Lurcy-Lévis (France)
Apr-Jun 2018: 59 Rivoli - Paris
May 2015: Résidence des Arts - Moncontour
April 2014: Can Serrat -El Bruc (Spain)
Oct 2012: Les Vendémiaires

Collective Projects
2015: ‘Quand les matériaux valent de l’Art’ - Montpellier (France)
2014: Cooperation with Oxyd Factory in Montréal (Canada)
2013-14: Venus Project - Lyon (France)
2012: To the Power of N, When N equals 12 (Australia)
2012: Unchartered Waters - Sketchbook project (USA)


Solo exhibitions
2019: Urban Humanity - Streatham Space Project - London
2015: Domaine de Blacailloux - Tourves (France)
2012: Artista invitado - Barcelona (Spain)
2012:Redemption - Center of Contemporary Art - Bakou (Azerbaijan)

Art Fairs
2017-16: Salon d'Automne - Paris
2015-16: Salon Réalités Nouvelles - Paris
2014: Art Fair - Kölner Liste - Cologne Paper Art - Cologne (Germany)

Collective Exhibitions
2016: 'La vie en rose' - Orangerie de Verrières (France)2015: ‘Tribulations Urbaines’ - Galerie Plurielle - Sète (France)
2015: Galerie HLP - Cologne (Allemagne)
2014: Collages - Musée de l’Orangerie - Verrières le Buisson (France)
2014: ‘Un Port/Export’ - Galerie Plurielle - Sète (France)
2014: ‘Schichtungen’ - Galerie HLP - Cologne (Allemagne)
2014: Cecil Touchon & selected works - Fort Lewis College - Durango (USA - Colorado)
2013: 'Les Vendémiaires' - St Matthieu de Tréviers (France)
2013: The story of the Creative - NY (USA)
2013: La liberté est un collage - Paris (France)
2012: Collage/Assemblage centennial - Pagosa Spring (Colorado-USA)
2012: 101 Collages contemporains -Paris
2012: Festival du Touquet, Le Touquet(France)
2012: Layers, The Brick Lane gallery - London (UK)
2010: Abstractions and Landscapes - Arteum Paris and Melun
2009: Leval'art - Levallois (France)
2007, 2008: Salon international du collage - Paris