Christo Kasabov

Christo Kasabov

Toronto, ON, Canada

About Christo Kasabov

My name is Christo Kasabo - American, Bulgarian – born.
Contemporary Fine Art Artist, abstract expressionism, figurative surrealism.

I’m an artist who takes a journey to observe the relation between the conscious and the subconscious. The center of my artistic expression is the human being between his inner world and his external world. My works are fantasies, feelings, dreams, and the reality of impression, structure, movement or feeling. In most of my works I show the invisible emotional side of the human world or situation. Mysticism, longings, elusive and incomprehensible problems which inspire me a lot, that is obvious in most of my abstract, expressive, surrealistic works. I am explaining my work as: "Transformation of emotion" because it reminds me of transformation, emotion and movement / going further ... and this refers to my own artistic sensibility as an individual and at the same time complements the cultural processes in the world.
The above introduction will be incomplete without a visual presentation of my work. My website has comprehensive information:


1986 M.F.A., Academy of Fine Art in Sofia, Bulgaria
1978 National high school of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria



2017 / 2015 Claude Maurer Gallery, 1260 Sherbrooke Str. Ouest, Montreal,
2010 Phyllis Lucas Art Gallery 235 E 60th Str. NY, 10022
2008 Jain Marunouchi Art Gallery – 24 West 57 Str. and 5th Ave, NY 10019
2005 Washington Art Association, Washington Depot, CT, USA March, 5 - 27
2004 Union of Bulgarian Artists-Art Salon, Burgas, Bulgaria, April 25 - May 20
2003 Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery - Wisdom House Lichfield, CT USA
1999 Consulate general of the Republic of Bulgaria, New York, June 17 - July 17
1998 Say Gallery, New York, September 10 – 25

Metta Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain, December 24 - January 26
1997 Alphadelta Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, September 3 - November 7
Art place, Burgas, Bulgaria, February 10 – 30
1996 Union of Bulgarian Artists- Art Salon, Burgas, Bulgaria, June 15 - July 15
Art Gallery-27, London, UK March 12 – 26


2015 Todmorgen Mills Gallery , Toronto, ON – May 2015
2007 Energy Gallery Spring Salon - March 29- April 8, 2007, Toronto, Canada
Viridian Artists Art Gallery, New York, February 6 – 24
2006 Energy Gallery, 2D - 3D, Show Online, July 31 - August 31 Toronto, Canada
Biennale - for Bulgarian contemporary, Fine Arts- Art Salon Burgas, Bulgaria,
2004 Maniero Art Gallery, Roma, Italy, May 2- 16
2002 Marella Arte contemporanea Gallery, Milan, Italy, September 1 – 14
1999 Howrs Art Gallery - New York, October 16-30
Ward Nasse Art Gallery, New York December 6 – 20
1998 International Print Biennale, Sapporo, Japan, May 30 - June 30
Livorno Art Gallery, Livorno, Italy December 20 - January, 30
1997 International Print Biennale, Small format printing, Kanagava, Japan
1996 Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, July 5 – 20
1995 Union of Bulgarian Artists, Art Salon – “Shipka” #6 Sofia, Bulgaria
1991 Du Pont Neuf Art Gallery, Liej, Brussels, Belgium
1990 Exhibition between - East & West Europe, Rotterdam, Holland ,Art Salon
1887 Print Biennale, Liej, Belgium