Saint-Avertin, Centre, France

About Chrystèle SAINT-AMAUX

Born in 1972 in Yaoundé in Cameroon (Africa), Chrystèle Saint-Amaux is a complete artist, using various means of expression.

She leaves and works in Tours, on the Center of France on Touraine Loire Valley called "Les Jardins de la France". She explores her artistic expression in an approach clearly faithful and instinctive. Searching for freedom.

Her African childhood freeds a creative base using the art of recycling. She builds a Metis, raw and delicate, singular and narrative universe. Full of color. A "primal" poetry released by generous, uninhibited and sincere works.

Chrystèle Saint-Amaux likes believing that we try all to find our " best side "... and maybe her ART is her BEST SIDE ?!?

You can find her artworks in private collections in France of course, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, Holland, New-Zealand, Africa, United States. She is always interested in new projects, ideas, challenges. She works with galleries.

"I try to express my deep personality through my art, I want to follow my instinct, my heart, my emotions. It is essential for me to keep my art sincere and authentic."


Love Life education !


Some references below :

Private Gala, marque Cotélac, Tours, France
Performance Live, Galeries Lafayette, Tours, France
XL ART International Art Fair, Saint-Antoine-du- Rocher, France
Marché d'Art, Campo Santo, Orléans, France
Biennale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Ville de Savonnières, France


Some exhibitions :

Médiathèque, Ville Chambray les Tours, France
Galerie Atelier Pièce Unique, Ville de Paris, France
Galerie Chromosome A, Ville de Lille, France
Maison des Arts, Ville de Montbazon, GroupExhibitions, France "Singuriel"