Claudio Boczon

Claudio Boczon

Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

About Claudio Boczon

His work is directed towards a game of contrasts and physicality between overlap and transparency, seeking to hide and reveal in equal measures. This stratification process aims to show the corporeality of the two-dimensional work, highlighting each error and new direction taken, in order to remind us of the painting process.

What drives his research is the curiosity to find the beauty hidden in everyday life, in the supports and pictorial material, and bring it to the surface, so that the viewer questions and appreciates aspects for which he, normally, would not give importance.

His research and production are strongly influenced by Tachismo and Arte Povera, by the reuse and recycling of materials, ideas and concepts. Often, when using his own older works, reconstructing and making new collages from them, he is recycling both the physical item and the concepts behind these works.

Began his artistic research in the Atelier of Painting of the Museum Alfredo Andersen, under the direction of Ronald Yves Simon, also attended workshops in painting, printmaking and photography .

Participates, since 1999, of Salons of Art and Exhibitions Collectives and Individuals, being awarded five times.


Design - UFPR
Painting - Museu Alfredo Andersen
Printmaking - UFPR



2019 - 18th National Exhibition of Arts - MAC - Jataí
2018 - An artistic look for our city - Urban Arts Gallery - Curitiba
2018 - Brazylijska Natura spojrzenia i inspiracje - painting - Brusque
2017 - The Polish Surreal in the Eyes of Art - painting - CCPB - Curitiba
2016 - Biennial of Contemporary Art - painting - SESC DF - Brasilia.
2014 - MHPRL - painting - Warsaw
2012 - Archaeologies of atelier - digital art - Museu Alfredo Andersen - Curitiba.
2010 - Digitalhas - digital art - SESC da Esquina - Curitiba.
2009 - Despojos de um Brancaleone - painting - Museu Alfredo Andersen - Curitiba.
2007-2011 - 3th and 5th National Biennial of Printmaking "Olho Latino" - printmaking - Atibaia.
2006 - CAL/UNB Gallery - digital art - Brasilia.
2005 - VII Salón de Arte Digital - digital art - Cuba