Cred Roy

Cred Roy

London, London, United Kingdom

About Cred Roy

As a multidisciplinary artist, I am using a wide range of techniques and formats that references a literal notion of labour.

Through personal reflection, I build imaginary spaces, while collecting and archiving historical documents, plans, photographs and objects.

I create psychological spectacles through interactive scenarios.
I explore spaces, to open up different levels of physical and psychological habitation, re-arranging discarded materials, D.I.Y. kits of natural and man-made forms, investigating a minimalist aesthetic.

I re-visit (ideas of) non-existent laboratories, factories, and chain production sites that I intend to reclaim from an ever-present, urban gentrification.
I sculpt "effort" as it is, a form of physicality.
The concepts of materiality, weight and balance run alongside the notions of touch, time transience, and transformation.

These sites become spaces for mental projection. They become chambers of imagination where reality and illusion coalesce. "In-between" limbos for latency and reminiscence.

Born in Marseille - France, live and work in London


-Cecil Lewis Sculpture - Award 2017/18
-MA Fine Art- Chelsea college of art, England, London
-MEAD Scholarship Award 2015/16
-BA Fine Art - Chelsea college of art, England, London
-Art & Design - University of the Art, England, London