Christina Storozkova

Christina Storozkova

Oakland, CA, United States

About Christina Storozkova

A Perestroika baby, I was allowed to be fascinated by American culture. From Russia you only know America from Hollywood movies and Pop music videos. With a mind already primed for propaganda I had no hesitation accepting the fantasy, unaware that America not only tolerates propagation of this dream but that its entire economy is dependent upon it. Little did I realize that the American Dream had long been dead if it ever existed at all.

In 1996, the zombie capitalist playground known as Central Florida became my home. I was welcomed by strip malls, convenience stores, fast food establishments, family friendly chain restaurants, and gas stations where 24 hours a day I was free to buy a t-shirt that said "GOD DON'T MAKE NO TRASH." This was serious business to me since I was used to waiting in line for our monthly rations of single-ply.

My current work reflects the gluttony of the over-saturated market. The images were captured on my travels throughout the country between September 2008 and the present.

I take photos because the world is always changing and prone to white-washing the hardships from which we ought to have learned, but these images are static, frozen bits of time to mark the grave sites of the insatiable giants.


Southeast Center for Photographic Studies 2013
University of Florida 2012