Debra Losada

Debra Losada

Sharon, CT, United States

About Debra Losada

The question, for me, of form itself began with the death of my late husband. Form and formlessness, existence and nonexistence, impermanence, transience, and infinite space. The images of this work begin as a gesture, or "figure" in a contrasting color field, or "ground". Through evolutions of paint, the gesture takes on a cloud-like formation; a form that is sometimes barely there, yet still a form. Visually, it appears as though these cloud-like forms are in movement, while at the same time, in stasis. There is also a reference in some of the images to deep space. I very much like the fact that work of such minimal abstraction eludes to something that is of a tangible reality: clouds. At some point in my journey with this work I came upon the poems of Jorge Luis Borges---specifically "Cloud I" and "Cloud II" which have given me great inspiration.


Graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC