Cyprian Holownia

Cyprian Holownia

Libiąż, malopolska, Poland

About Cyprian Holownia

Cyprian Hołownia:
I was born in 1985 in Chrzanów near Oświęcim.
I spent my childhood in a small village near this town, as well as in Masuria
When I was 15 I lived in a boarding school of Art School. I currently live in Libiąż,
I've been interested in art since I was a child, that's why I chose education in art schools.
Until 2008, most of my work is experiments
I created drawing, painting, photographs and graphics works, in 2008 I became interested in the art Op-art, besides, I was interested in a broadly understood science, because of the interesting people I've met.
That is why in my paintings I present the discoveries of this world.
I try to illustrate the language of science, and I also portray great personalities of the world of science. This is the direction I will take over the next few years.
I am also preparing new geometric projects that will draw the recipients into interaction with the image.


2000-05 the School of Arts (Państwowe Liceum Plastyczne) in Nowy Wiśnicz
In 2005 he was awarded the title of Ceramic Technician
Pedagogical University in Cracow
2008-11 - He received the title of graphic technician
2013-15 - He defended the master's degree in fine arts


-Libiąż - Individual exhibition at the House of Culture LCK "Faces of Women" 06.03.2015-30.03.2015
-Cracow - Individual exhibition at the Youth Cultural Centre St. Grunwaldzka 5 "W.I.E.L.C.Y" 08.01.2016-08.02.2016.
-Cracow - Individual exhibition in Public Library St. Radzikowskiego 29 "Graphics Workshop" 07.10.2016-07.12.1016).
-Auschwitz - Individual exhibition in Gallery "So many worlds" tittle exhibition "Physical phenomenon" 25.03.2017-18.04.1017
-Chrzanow - Individual exhibition in Gallery "On the floor"
- exhibition "Spectrum" 09.06.207-30.07.2017
-Warsaw - The premiere of the magazine "OpenCall Magazine" group exhibition 25.03.2019-31.03.2019