Dagmar Lukes

Dagmar Lukes

, Czech Republic

About Dagmar Lukes

Dagmar Lukes, profesional visual artist and designer, member of UVU CR and IAA/AIAP. Masterfully controls and integrates technical and expressive painting, printmaking, photography, digital technology. Invites viewers to discover unsuspected common lyrical and decorative qualities seemingly mundane reality. All masterfully umbrella subtle and difficult to define quality, which is inaccurately called taste and sense of style.
Original exhibition occupation and later stage designer at the first alignment simultaneously to the assemblage, which is famous at home and abroad. Demonstrated in them a sense of the dramatic expression, "proscenium theater" spectacle for the play of colors, lights, glare, to work with drapery, for word-character props for scenic design space. They were and are amazingly bizarre assemblage, dramatically beautiful, decorative, even luxurious. Masterfully manages not only these "baroque" aesthetic attributes, but in the currently evolving field of his work in interior design shows that it can equally well apply sobriety and purity of expression, sense of material quality furniture for functionally neat solution space.
It would be interesting to know how a normal audience realizes that elects actually only two ways relation to art: Either prefers art that calls for a common intimately engaged expedition to burning and will often repulsive recesses of the current reality; terms of the form is invited to untrodden and will often blind "experimental" art path. Or do you prefer art that? Only? having fun, enjoying impressed and pleasantly cultivates intimate privacy of the home. To put it another way: prefers art controlled by two banks - understandable free art and exquisite design. As Dagmar Lukes.


1985 Center Gallery, Pilsen
1991 Gallery HDK, Sokolov
1991 SHAPE Gallery, Prague
1992 House of Culture, Prague
1992 Bohemia, Prague
1992 Kozel, Stahlavy
1994 Gallery in Chelcickeho street, Teplice
2009 Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dolany
2009 Gallery AZYL Plzen
2010 Gallery, Old Town Hall, Ostrov nad Ohri
2010 Gallery, in the tower, Plana at Marienbad
2010 Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dolany
2010 Galerie ceramists Plzen
2011 Gallery ceramists Plzen
2011 Hotel U Pramenu Roudna
2011 Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dolany
2011 Hotel Imperial, Karlovy Vary
2011 Abbey Chotesov
2011 Gallery Hotel Gustav Mahler, Jihlava
2012 Synagogue Hall Radnice
2012 Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dolany
2012 Muzeum J.V.Sladka Zbiroh
2012 Synagoga Radnice
2012 Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dolany
2012 Exhibition Hall V.Brozika Tremosna
2013 Museum Klatovy
2014 Gallery at the Golden Rooster Michalska,Prague
2014 Church St. Peter and Paul, Dolany
2014 Galerie Star Hotel, Marianske Lazne
2014 Gallery at the Golden Rooster Michalska,Prague
2014 Mazhaus Pilsen City Hall, Pilsen
2014 Exhibition hall of the old town hall, Furth im Wald
2015 Church St. Lawrence, Klatovy


1990 CREDO, Plzen, December
1991 Gallery "The Water", Karlovy Vary
1992 DVORAK Hotel, Karlovy Vary
1992 Golf - Club Neuhof, Neu-Isenburg
1993 R. Weidemann Frankfurt
(Under the auspices of the Olga Havel Foundation)
1994 Gallery of the White Swan, House of Chopin
1994 Gallery AKS, Ash
2011 Gallery Fouyer S + H Rokycany
2012 Gallery AZYL Pilsen
2013 ČSOB Pilsen


Germany - Bad Homburg, Marktredwitz, Meiningen, Mainz,
St.Ilken Leimen, Berlin, Bodenwohr, Halle,
Belgium - Herentals
Netherlands - Rotterdam
Luxemburg - Luxemburg
Austria - Vienna
Switzerland - Wintertour
USA - La Mesa, New York, Detroit,
Australia - Gold Coast