Daniel Freed

Daniel Freed

New York, New York

About Daniel Freed


PRÉCIS: Light continuously shifts and suffuses. Never quite known, light occasions fresh perspectives for the attentive eye. Photography for me inhabits a space somewhere between poetry and motion picture film, my primary areas of advanced training.

INSPIRATION: As many of my recent photos were taken in New York, I sometimes reflect upon the wisdom of gifted New York photographer, Saul Leiter. Leiter suggests, "there are things that are out in the open, and there are things that are hidden, and life has more to do, the real world has to do, with the things that are hidden. You think?" I offer my recent work in a spirit of discovery, a search for "the things that are hidden."


Signature editions printed exclusively for the artist by Brooklyn Editions' Master Printmaker, New York City.

PAST-PRESENT: I grew up as an artist, and gradually branched into other media. Crossing boundaries and investigating form naturally extend my creative and writerly output. Earlier, I worked on aesthetics with late philosopher Jean-François Lyotard. Temporal and phase transitions -- chemical, Kantian, disjunctive -- and a delight in the process of naming inform and inflect my work.

ARTIST SITE: "Occasional Light":



University Subjects Taught: Film; Photography; Film and Art History; Criticism and Theory; Writing.

Lived and worked: U.S., Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, Canada.


All Limited Edition prints produced for the artist by Brooklyn Editions, New York City.


Featured in the Saatchi Art Collection, Inspired by Tarantino, Summer 2019: