Daniel Mille

Daniel Mille


About Daniel Mille

Daniel Mille is a young artist from Minsk (Belarus). He has started his career as sculptor not so long ago, though he is already aiming to solve quite complicated tasks in his art. For him it is important not only to show the beauty, the strength of nature but also to make a person feel like a part of it, to feel the unity of the world and to realize responsibility for its safety. In his works you can see both classical plastics and more generalized solutions.
The sculptures of Daniel are all made by means of the same technologies that were used in ancient times for casting bronze sculptures. Thus, we can feel the antiquity not only in the finished work, but also in the creative act itself. The presence of hand-made, warmth of traditional craft is very important for the artist.
The sculptor is in the constant condition of searching. On the one hand he can make more primitive, solid shapes, but on the other hand we see almost the jewelry work, filled with various tiny details and ornaments. His compositions can remind us of the Greek archaic, the sacred images of the Ancient East, Egyptian sculptures thoroughly carved from stone.
Today the world has its own tendency in development of the art (and not only the art). There is always a constant need to create something utterly new, something that has not ever existed before. There is a tendency to divide art into two poles: old (or outdated) art and contemporary (often associated with the progressive). Daniel does not divide art in any way, because new directions do not cross out the old ones, but open up other ways of expression, expand the range of creative possibilities. Therefore, in his search, the author cannot rely exclusively on some logical constructions or modern tendencies, neglecting the will of the senses. Spirit always determines the matter, not vice versa.


2013 - 2017 studied in Minsk State Art College on the sculpture faculty.


2016 - Republican Exhibition "The year of Sculpture"

2016 - Fifth Belarusian Biennale of painting, drawing and sculpture.

2019 - International contemporary art festival Art Minsk

2019 - Republican Exhibition dedicated to the Millennium of Brest "The Melody of Sculpture", Belarus, Brest

2019 - Republican Exhibition "The Border", Minsk, Belarus

2019- 1st Triennale of Young Belarusian Artists in Minsk

2019 - "Salon d'automne" with Belgazprombank,Minsk

2019 - "The Source" / Art Gallery "Vysokaye Mesta" vulica Hiercena 2а, Museum of the History of Minsk - Minsk, Belarus

2020 - Wildlife Artist of the Year / David Shepherd Gallery - London, United Kingdom