Darla McKenna

Darla McKenna

San Jose, CA, United States

About Darla McKenna

My collage material comes from mid-century magazines and found papers which I paint. As the collage takes shape, additional paint or markings are added to enhance certain elements. I am intrigued by the possibilities of arrangement and structure. My paintings develop in the same fashion. There are rhythms; playing with the formal elements, exemplifying the beauty of shape, texture and color. The work infers architecture, landscape and sometimes music.

The creation of the work is a straightforward process; paper forms are laid next to each other until there is unity. It is a practice of free-association and deep-rooted discovery.


Darla holds degrees in Studio Art, Graphic Design and Art Education. Darla's work has been exhibited in nationally and internationally. Her work can be found in private collections in Europe, Australia and the United States.


Mama Papa DADA 2020, Galerie Ratswall, Germany
Mama Papa DADA, Galerie Ratswall, Germany
Group Show, Jen Tough Gallery, Benicia, CA
Art Sante Fe, Santa Fe, NM Jen Tough Gallery
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Marvelous, CA
Ontological Museum, Dada Centennial, Santa Fe, NM
Gallery Route One, Aqua, Pt. Reyes, Ca
Richmond Art Center, Family Portraits, Richmond, CA

National Collage Society, Hudson, OH
Works Gallery, Group Show, San Jose, CA
Arc Gallery, Fusion, San Francisco, CA
Papirmass, Online Exhibition

5 Blanks, Angels & Demons, Wörthsee, Germany
Scene Metrospace, A Collage, Lansing, MI
Gallery Frances fine Art, Unique Surfaces: A Collage, Alameda, CA

The Art Museum of Los Gatos, Source Material, CA
Works Gallery, San Jose, CA

Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA

College of Marin, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Glue, Kentfield, CA
Sun Gallery, Bay Area Collage, Hayward, CA
Michael Rosenthal Gallery, Mixed Metaphors and Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, San Francisco, CA
The Museum of Art & History Santa Cruz, Assemblage + Collage + Construction, CA
Olive Hyde Gallery, Smaller Than a Breadbox, Fremont, CA

Coastal Arts League & Museum, Half Moon Bay, CA
Works Gallery, San Jose, CA
Sanchez Art Center, Arts on Fire, Pacifica, CA
Artemis Healing Center, Los Gatos, CA
Art Museum of Los Gatos, CA
Gallery 21, Small Image Show, San Diego, CA
Olive Hyde Gallery, Waste Not, Want Not, Fremont, CA

2005 Coastal Arts League Museum, Half Moon Bay, CA
2004 Works Gallery, San Jose, CA
1997 Golden Pacific Arts, San Diego, CA
1993 MBS Studios, San Diego, CA
1993 Cultural Concepts Gallery, San Diego, CA
1991 SDSU, San Diego, CA