Darlene Watson

Darlene Watson

Southampton, ON, Canada

About Darlene Watson

What about me? I can tell you I feel so blessed to do what I love every single day. That is at the very top of my about me. I would never have thought that I would start as an RN and then ten years later become a full-time artist. It still thrills me every single day. That along with where I live now. Blessed I say blessed.
I imagine and create and bring joy to collectors and that you can't put a price on. It is an incredible rush to think I have brightened a day for people along with the fact they have a bit of my personality and creativity hanging in their homes or space. How fun is that?

I have always wanted to create a book. I have done that now. A limited-edition art look book of my personal imagination. The title " Abstract Expression" If Colors And Shapes Could Speak" Filled with my art and quotes that are special to me.

I have been creating wearable linen art which is so fun as I have a bit of a fashionista love of fashion and design. I really think they go hand in hand as art.

Most recently and coming out mid-April/21 I was asked to be on the cover of the "Escarpment Magazine" and to be featured with my studio and art. That is tres' cool and I would never have dreamed that 10 years ago.

I think the biggest about me is or has to be this little gal that grew up in the countryside with all sorts of dreams of being a fashion designer and being close to a lake has indeed had some dreams come true as I would never have thought I would be having international collectors and being part of some incredible online galleries with my imagination. And just remember I starting this, my third career at 55 so there is always time to dream and bring it to reality. Thank you for stopping by to see my art and remember I love to create personalized commissions as that gives me a chance to be your Interior Designer.


Honours in Interior Design


Moniker Gallery Toronto 2013
Tag Gallery St. Catherines 2013
Port Huron Art Crawl 2013
Gallery M Cambridge (Galt) 2014
Red Door Gallery, Georgetown 2015
Southampton Shoreline Artist Group 2015 to present