darren crowley

darren crowley

northern ireland, United Kingdom

About darren crowley

I am a full time professional artist obsessed with painting and I create art every day of my life. I paint in oils and acrylic on canvas and vintage book pages that have been glued together. The old discoloured pages give a sense of history and intrigue. Many of them are from the 1800's and still have writing, birthday messages, notes, best wishes etc from the original owners.

The paintings begin with a base layer of vintage pages onto which the image will begin to emerge. More layers of paper or interesting symbols and fragments are added to give depth and changes in tone. I use acrylic paint, ink, airbrush and whatever I feel is necessary as the piece progresses.

I work from my studio in Ireland but I travel a lot and paint everywhere I go. Landscapes, people, objects anything that catches my eye. It is my way of capturing a little of the energy. Dripping paint, fast brush strokes, splattered droplets combined with precise delicate brushwork to conjure the finished work.

I hope you will enjoy the paintings as my journey continues. Painting since 2001 but i haven't even started yet.


Self taught


Recent Solo exhibitions:
Pop-Art. Grafton street Dublin, pop up gallery 2017
The Irish arts festival, Madisons bar, Dublin 2016
The Victoria centre, Belfast. 2015
Phoenix fine art, Howard street Belfast 2014, solo show.
Taylor Gallery, Carrick, 2014 group show.
Merrion square open air art gallery, Dublin 2015
The Lambeg Gallery, 2014
Crowley pop up pop art gallery, London 2013
The portrait pop up gallery, Brick lane, London 2012

previous group shows:
Cannes, France, april 2010
London, United Kingdom, june 2010
San Francisco, USA, november 2010
Shanghai, China, april 2011
The Royal Academy summer exhibition
Paris, France, sept 2011
New York, USA, October 2012
Milan, Italy, jan/feb 2013
Lisbon, Portugal, may, 2013
Milan, Italy, nov/jan 2013/2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, dec 2014
London art fair 2015
Belfast arts festival. 2016