Dean OCallaghan

Dean OCallaghan

Moora, Western Australia, Australia

About Dean OCallaghan

With over 30 years’ experience as an artist and visual arts educator, Dean O’Callaghan is a seasoned professional artist. His abstractions have conceptually evolved from his experiences and interest in modern and contemporary architecture, and rural landscapes.

From the beginning of 2021, his paintings have become less reliant on taking inspiration from the environment around him. His paintings have become an exploration of colour, shape, line, and tonal shifts to create detailed geometric abstractions with illusions of depth.

Dean O’Callaghan is a graduate of Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia where he studied fine arts and education. He has lectured at various academic institutions while maintaining a professional studio space and exhibiting frequently in mixed and solo exhibitions. In his role as a visual arts lecturer, Dean has taught Australian indigenous and non-indigenous students, and has been involved in teaching art in disability and youth-at-risk programs.

In 2017, Dean shifted his focus to apply more time to his painting. He established an artist studio in Moora, a small country town in Western Australian and 2019, held a solo exhibition at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle.

He was invited to participate in the Sydney Other Art Fair in March 2020 and was included in an editorial of Art Edit magazine leading up to the event. Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the event was postponed, and Dean is now putting together a collection of work to exhibit at the Sydney Other Art Fair at the end of 2021.


1990: Bachelor of Education, major in Sculpture and minor in Fine Art Photography.

1986: Diploma in Art Studies, Painting, Printmaking, Art History and Drawing.


In 2018 I collaborated with Australian Indigenous artists in Moora Western Australia to produce a mural painting depicting the night sky and the Aboriginal dreaming associated with the Southern Cross Star system.

Due to Covid 19 border restrictions in Western Australia I have had to withdraw from The Other Art Fair in Sydney in September 2020, Nevertheless I am proud to have been selected to exhibit at the Saatchi The Other Art Festival and hope to re-apply in 2021.
1993: Minor prize in the Gomboc Open Sculpture Prize.
2007: Dalwallinu Creative Arts Festival Photography Prize.
2015: Dalwallinu Creative Arts Festival Black and White Photography Prize.
2015: Dalwallinu Creative Arts Festival Photography Prize.


My most recent exhibition was in March 2019 at the Moores Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle Western Australia. Titled Cities on Edge, the work was based on my experiences and observation of architecture in New York, Melbourne, Singapore and Perth.
Many of my cityscape paintings are based on digital images I have taken. Using post production digital software, I minimise forms into flat areas of colours.
I have recently began exploring rural landscapes as seen from an aerial perspective. My work usually begins by exploring ideas on my computer or iPad. I experiment with the way paddocks, fence line and road networks form areas of colour and line.