Francesca de Bardin

Francesca de Bardin

Menton, France, France

About Francesca de Bardin

I was born in California but spent most of my life
in New York City where I was CEO of companies I
founded. My international travels have taken me to the
finest art museums in the world, a blessing I have long appreciated. My favorite artists are: Impressionist, Post Impressionist, Expressionist and 18th century Russian landscape and seascape artists.

In 2016 I retired and moved to a small town on the French Riviera. It is here I finally had time to explore my creative side.

Watercolor is my preferred medium. I am mesmerized by the way the colors blend when painting wet on wet paper and the different affects when combined with wet on dry paper.

My preference is to create intense, luminous colors. For me they represent strength, energy, power and beauty. My objective is to share my love of brilliant color to inspire energy, strength, balance and harmony.

In the words of Emile Nolde, the great Expressionist artist: "Color is strength, strength is life."


I have been studying privately with an artist/professor in