Monika Matsumoto

Monika Matsumoto

Sopot, Pomorskie, Poland

About Monika Matsumoto

Originally from Gdansk, Poland, Monika Matsumoto is a contemporary mixed media artist whose artistic carrier began in UK where she lived since 2001. She has diverse background in arts ranging from heritage architectural restoration to fashion to set design. Her experience vary from working as architecture restorer at the heritage sites across Poland and UK, to designing prototypes and working on the projects for scenic & designing London studios whose portfolios extends to such artists as Alexander McQueen, Royal Opera House, Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton and more. All of this diverse experience really reflects on her art work which consists of textiles, painting, photography, classic techniques of fine arts combined with technology like fibre-optics, lenticular printing, digital media. Her understanding and experience with mixed medium truly makes her unique and exciting artist to look at.

---As a mixed media artist who's focus is on textiles, I feel responsibility for the environmental impact the materials I use have in our world. Fabric literally fills planet to the brim, constituting the well-known problem of utilisation and propulsion. Fast fashion overproduction burdens the environment. The fact is that by producing more than we use, we create waste heaps our world. I tried to think about how I could use this total huge abundance of materials for artistic work. Since I remember I have always collected interesting pieces of fabrics, to be used later, sometimes after years, in a hope to use them in creative composition. This how the project was born. Concept to create from impermanent matter, timeless objects of an artistic. decorative value, and extend hopefully infinitely from the life of matter.

---My creative interest and inspirations come from nature, technology, science, observations, exploring new materials and possibilities. My artistic aim is to create images of balance between nature and technology as a good sign for contemporary future---


Nicolaus Copernicus University department of Arts, spec. Protection of Cultural Heritage Toruń PL

Receiver of Art Grant from Mr. Michael Garfield Foundation for Contemporary Arts UK

Fashion & Textiles College Gdańsk


Alessandro Berni Gallery New York
Online representation on Artsy

Hyde Park - Group exhibition in Art Gallery Dwie Zmiany Sopot Pl.

Technological Journey - Solo exhibition in Aioli Gdańsk.

Neutral - Solo exhibition in Dwie Zmiany Art Gallery Sopot

04.11.2019 Mock Up - group exhibition in WL4 Contemporary Art Gallery Gdańsk/ Free Rooms Gallery

02.04.2018 Talented Art Fair London

07.03.2017 Art in ElleDecoration


IMAGO MUNDI Benetton Collection exhibition at Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice ART biennale Venice August-October 2015

23.06.2016 Group Exhibition in Warsaw NBS8 Mr. Kusmierowski Contemporary Art

07.05. 2016 Human,city,botanics. Exhibition in Kit Gallery Sopot

19.01.2016 Group Exhibition,

11.07.2015 Colony1, multimedia installation during group show at Gdansk City Gallery Pl.

28.03.2015 - 2016 Open Studios Art exhibitions and Events at Artists Colony Gdansk ul.Dolna 4 Poland