Dejan Krstić

Dejan Krstić

Novi Sad, Serbia

About Dejan Krstić

Through my practices I am mostly interested in the portrait and the idea of identity and understanding of its diversity.
In the society of edited versions of our selves, it is a founding idea to break those curtains and discover what is hidden within. Make ones identity visible, and face it.

The majority of my works are done in mixed medias, varying from smaller to large canvases. I use graphite, charcoal, acrylic, oils, pastels, and various dusts in combinations and layers to precisely define certain details and surfaces on his works.


The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad,
Department of Fine Arts.


Solo exhibitions:

-2018. “Behind the reflection” , Culture center Smederevo , Smederevo, Serbia

- 2017. - "Face to face", Serbian Academy of Arts and Science, Gallery "Platoneum", Novi Sad

Collective exhibitions:

- 2017. - "The Novembar Salon of Visual Arts", gallery of the National Museum of Kraljevo, Kraljevo, Serbia;
Curator: Suzana Novcic

- 2017. – “This changes everything”, Niš Art Foundation, Exhibiting space of Ex “Eurosalon”, Belgrade

-2017. – “This changes everything” , Niš Art Foundation, Gallery space within tobacco factory Philip Morris,

- 2016. - Young, Niš Art Foundation, Gallery "Kuća Legata", Belgrade

- 2016. - Young, Niš Art Foundation, Gallery "Most", Niš

- 2016. - Collective exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad, Novi Sad

- 2015. - Collective exhibition in the gallery “Most” Novi Sad, Serbia

- 2015. - Collective exhibition, project "RAZLIKE" SKCNS Fabrika, Novi Sad, Serbia