Delic Artworks

Delic Artworks

Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands

About Delic Artworks

My name is Delic, I am a music-producer, painter and writer from the Netherlands. ⁣

When younger I was in a very successful hiphop-group here in Holland (Opgezwolle), playing sold out venues and festivals every weekend. ⁣

However, after years of touring I chose to withdraw from the spotlight, travel the world for a year, observe my mind and teach myself to paint.⁣

I felt that if I didn’t shake up my life and start new things, I might start to repeat myself.⁣

When I came back from my trip around the world, there turned out to be trouble with my taxes. The government subsequently laid claim on all my possessions and I couldn’t make music for years.⁣

I focused on painting and took small jobs; I had decided I wanted to become wholly independent and didn’t take help from people in the music industry. I started writing on a story too, which turned itself into an enormous project called ‘Kidnap At The Noodle Shop’.⁣

I wrote a story of eight chapters. Corresponding to these eight chapters I made eight paintings and eight songs. ⁣

This project was presented with an exhibition at the renowned street-art gallery 'GO Gallery' in Amsterdam and a live show at the ‘Melkweg Amsterdam'. Apart from ‘Mrs Fuentes’ and ‘Words’, the paintings sold out at the exhibition. ⁣

A limited edition series of 500 ‘vinyl-books’ was printed too. These 'vinyl-books' are huge, coffetable-sized illustrated storybooks containing the eight chapters of the story, depictions and sketches of the paintings and a physical vinyl elpee. ⁣

The story, the music and the paintings are alle written, arranged, recorded, mixed, painted and conceptualised by myself. ⁣

The vinyl books and the music are released on Delic Music, the label I run with my wife Huda, who also sings on the album. ⁣

We want to bring music and art into this world that lifts you out of your ordinary day and into a wondrous world. We take much pride in doing this in an independent fashion.⁣

You can listen to the album on Spotify.


Self taught


2013 Presentation 'A New Start', Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.
2017 ADE Framed beats, Art'otel Amsterdam.
2018 'Kidnap At The Noodle Shop', GO Gallery, Amsterdam.