Denise Sanna

Denise Sanna

fano, Italy

About Denise Sanna

Born in Bologna Italy in 1975. Now he lives and works in Fano.
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Graduated in painting in Art Institute of Ancona,Italy
Specialist with a degree in painting and sculpture at the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy


1997-Damart group exhibition , gallery Bramante, Fermignano (PU).
1998-Collective exhibition of art life in Osimo, cultural association Osimo (An).
-Denise solo exhibition, presentation, Raimondo Rossi, dining Montefeltro Urbania (PU).
        -Operator certificate of qualification for the graphic documentation, photo and electronics of
archaeological, issued by the province of Ancona.
1999-Designs for the, Holidays with Explorer educational publishing, publishing books
Emmerre s.r.l., Naples.
2006- Group exhibition, The other side of the moon, college Raffaello of Urbino (PU).
2007- Group exhibition, Halls, edited by professor Giancarlo Lepore, Sant'Angelo in Vado (PU).
         -Group exhibition, Mens sana in corpore sano?, being a professor of anatomy Pilippini
         Alberto, Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino.
        -With young artists founded the group in the Marche, Officinadarte.
         -Group exhibition, Upper Valley Artists group show Metauro, edited by professor Giancarlo
Lepore, Sacchia farm, Borgo Pace (PU).
         -Group exhibition Festaulivo 2007, presentation by Silvia Cuppini, Fossombrone (PU).
         -Show Artist collective, jam session, former gardens Luigi Rossi, Fano (PU).
         -Publishing catalog Artermisia Award 2007, Association Artemisia Ancona.
2008-Gallery, Art D'art workshop, from 01/05/08 to 30/06/09 permanent solo exhibition, Fano
        -Group exhibition Art and sport, made by 'the Italian National Olympic Academy, Onesti
Foundation, Museum of the course, Rome.
         -Zoe micro Festival group show, curated by the professor Umberto Cavenago, Orti Giuli
         Pesaro (PU).
        -Group exhibition, Accolta dei quindici, 61° edition, presentation Grazia Calegari, Malatesta
         Fano (PU).
         -Artemisia Award 2008, group exhibition, a tribute to Omar Galliani, presentation Tonti
Stefano, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (AN).
        -065 Art group exhibition, gallery Art065, Pesaro (PU).
2009-Group exhibition, Comparisons 4, edited by professor Sandro Ciriscioli, presentation
Maurizio Cesarini, multipurpose hall, San Giorgio di Pesaro (PU).
        -Group exhibition, Water, curated by professors Giancarlo Lepore and Rocco Natale, Cellar
        Monumental Hall, Sant'Angelo in Vado, Pesaro (PU).
      -Winner of the International Sculpture Prize, Edgardo Mannucci, XVI edition, edited by Rotary
International district 2090, Club Altavallesina Grottefrasassi, Arcevia.
       -Group exhibition, Peppermint 2, edited by Professor Domenico Semeraro, Conventino
         the Servants of Mary, Montecciccardo (PU).
-Group exhibition, Accolta dei quindici, 62° edition, Malatesta fortress, Fano (PU).
2010-Project, The 50 cards of fundamental rights, illustration for one of the six cards of artist,
          project coordinator professor Paride Dobloni, Liceo scientifico Torelli Fano (PU).
-Group exhibition, Accolta dei quindici, 63° edition, Malatesta fortress, Fano (PU).
         -Collective Exhibition, Laguna Art Prize, Tese di San Cristiforo, Arsenale, Venice.
         -Group exhibition, Signs of the sculpture, seven artists, edited by professor Pino Mascia,
Castl of Frontone, Frontone (PU).
2011-Group exhibition, welcomed the fifteen, 64 ° edition of visual arts festival, Rocca Malatesta,
Fano (PU).
 -Group exhibition, The Art of the Marche in Vilnius, many techniques and traditions,
shopping center, Panorama of Vilnius, Lithuania.
Edited by Dr. Loreta Larkin, curator of the Gallery Santa Teresa di Fano.
2012-Creation of images for the web in collaboration with the graphic studio Tre innova.
2014- Group exhibition, welcomed the fifteen, 67 ° edition of visual arts festival, Rocca Malatesta,
Fano (PU).
2015/2019-Teacher, Art and Image, at the secondary school of first degree.
2019-Roma in arte, group exhibition, Galleria Arte Borgo, Roma.