derek dey

derek dey

Herlev, Nordsjealland, Denmark

About derek dey

After graduating from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland. I exhibited through Scotland with some success. From this period my interest in anatomy, natural form, color, and the essential idea that the universe held to aesthetic qualities of elegance throughout, shaped my life and work.

Moving to America, multimedia explorations were synthesized into my traditional framework of painting, as was the use of some airbrush techniques. naturally geography had its effect on scale color and other issues. However, art essentially remained as a vehicle of inner inspirations which rose from within me.

Mostly works are slow to produce but ultimately I have come to think it is the viewer who completes an artwork. Audiences come from all stripes, some commenting briefly while others explore more deeply. Collectors have included, the Earl of Cawdor, Ambassador Sanchez to the Americas, and Paul Ku internet entrepeneur.

Sometimes though, its best not to say too much, allowing people to find what they may. I hope you enjoy these works. Thanks for your time and Best wishes, Derek.


BA fine art (Grays School of Art Scotland)
MRE (UTS, upstate New York)


From 1990:

Jan 1990; Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.

March 1990; Art du Mond, Nagoya,Japan.

May 1990; Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.

June 1990; Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.

Sept. 1990; Metropolis, Los Angeles, USA.

Nov. 1990; Japan Expo, Los Angeles,USA.

Nov. 1990; Cabrillo Plaza, San Pedro, USA.

Feb. 1991; Rim Rock, Palm Springs, USA.

March 1991 Ocean Images, Santa Monica, USA

April 1991 San Pedro Art Association, San Pedro,USA.

June 1991; Ports o' Call, San Pedro, USA.

June1991; Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.

Jan. 1992; Tokyo Expo, Tokyo, Japan.

May 1992; Logicon Atrium, San Pedro, USA.

Aug 1992; Global Arts, Tokyo, Japan.

Jan. 1993; Tokyo Expo, Tokyo,Japan.

March 1993; Logicon2, Logicon Atrium, San Pedro, USA.

Oct 1994; Arrowhead Gallery, Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA.

April 1994; Gallery Auck, Temecula, CA, USA.

Jan 1995; Coyle and Coyle, Agua Fria, CA, USA.

1996-2002; Sabbatical (experiments with abstraction, writing and web development), Instructor at Arizona Art School.

2003; Art Matters. Phoenix AZ.

2004; Art Rewards (online gallery) Phoenix AZ.

2004; Rosensteel Galleries, Scottsdale AZ.

May 2005; LepreCon. Carefree, AZ.

April 2006; Rowan Tree Gallery. El Pedregal, Scottsdale, AZ.

April 2008-'09; Hellerup Kunsthandel, Hellerup, DK.

October 2009 Nielsen's / Taastrup,DK.

June 2012 Bomhuset Galleri, Copenhagen.

Earl of Cawdor, Scotland
Paul Ku, IT Entrepreneur Hawaii
Michikito Ohagaki, Japan
J. Reise, CA, USA.
B. Hendriks, AZ, USA
Ambassador Phillip Sanchez, USA