Deniz Hotamisligil

Deniz Hotamisligil

Santa Monica, CA, United States

About Deniz Hotamisligil

Deniz Hotamisligil is a photographer who aims his lens to the urban landscape from 60 to 100 feet above. This he call the "spiritual altitudes". Its an unusual point of view, where a commercial aircraft can not come down to and an altitude where one can not climb to. He flies custom made model aircrafts to get his camera to those unusual altitudes.

You may be living inside the frame of his photographs or simply know what life may be like at your eye level and have never realized how peaceful of a landscape you may be in and realize that your daily routines are not that important to worry about after all.

He considers his project successful only when you look at his photographs and feel more optimistic about life in general and that we as individuals can do more in life than worry about all the small matters our daily lives require us to take part in.


He has a BFA/D degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts | Boston & Tufts University