Dagrun Iris Sigmundsottir

Dagrun Iris Sigmundsottir

Reykjavik, Iceland

About Dagrun Iris Sigmundsottir

Born in Iceland 1976.
Iris is inspired by the woman, her mind and body. The concept for most of her work is the endless battle that often happends between the two. Nature is a big inspiration and is often shown as an escape way to get lost in where nature and the person become one. Fashion and magazines are another influence in her art making, where the reality sometimes gets in the second place. Her artworks are collages or mixed media where she cuts and pastes, add´s pen and pencil drawings, magazine and book pages, gouache, acrylic, fabric and just everything that fits to create the final outcome. Her work is changing everyday so she is quickly moving forward with her art style.

Located in Reykjavik, ICELAND.


Graphic Design - Akureyri School of Visual Arts in Iceland 2008-2011

Foundation Course in Fine Arts - Akureyri School of Visual Arts in Iceland 2007-2008


2017 - Reykjavik Roasters / Iceland
Kraftur Jurta, solo exhibition

2017 - Fjöruhúsið Hellnum / Snæfellsnesi, Iceland
Kraftur Jurta, solo exhibition

2015 - ARTKEMI Gallery / Copenhagen, Denmark
Solo exhibition

2015 - MUSES.IS / KEX HOSTEL Reykjavik, Iceland
Group exhibition

2015 - Kaupvangskaffi / Vopnafjörður, Iceland
Solo exhibition

2014 - Akureyri Art Museum / Akureyri, Iceland
Portraits / group exhibition

2013 - Galleri Art Expo / Horning, Denmark
Group exhibition

2013 - Parallax Art Fair / London, England
Group exhibition

2013 - INTERPLAY Deiglan, Akureyri, Iceland
Group Exchibition

2013 - Norska Bakaríið, Ísafjörður. Iceland
WAF - Westfjord Art Fest with muses.is art community.

2012 - Pop-Up Exchibition #7 MUSES.IS
group exchibition, Iceland.

2012 - Det Røde Pakhus, Hobro - Denmark
Group Exchibition.

2012 - DesignMarch, Reykjavik - Iceland
"Komplex" solo exchibition.

2012 - Galleri Herre Herhold, Vibskov - Denmark
Group exchibition.