Danielle Jacques

Danielle Jacques

London, United Kingdom

About Danielle Jacques

I am a London born and raised new media artist. Having worked as an outsider artist for many years I completed an MA in Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London in 2020. I received a Distinction for my MA research project and was also awarded the Mercer Arts Award for academic achievement.

My work explores altered states of consciousness through photography, video, and audio-visual installation. By engaging with the properties of ink, water, and light – dispersing, diffusing, diffracting, and embracing the unexpected – I have developed a practice of “meditation-in-action”. Through photography and film, I solidify these visual meditations, so I may elongate, interpret, and share my experiences.

Informed by psychology and perception theory I am interested in the impacts of sensory stimulation upon how we perceive our inner and outer worlds. Photos and videos are pushed through multiple modes of transformation, using both analogue and digital processes – layering, reflecting, stretching, scaling, and looping – each process bringing new depths to my illusions which surprise and delight.


MA Fine Art Digital, Camberwell College of Arts, London - Distinction - Oct 2018-Jul 2020


Online showcase: https://www.mavisualarts.com/danielle-jacques/


2020 Camberwell College of Arts MA Visual Arts Online Showcase

2019 Made In Arts London Annual Exhibition, TM Lighting Gallery

2019 "Impermanence", The Rookery Artists Collective, Brompton Cemetery Chapel

2019 The Rookery Artists Collective Inaugural Exhibition, Menier Gallery