Tanner Bebee

Tanner Bebee

Seattle, WA, United States

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The world is too easy to understand so I confuse myself. I wasn't saying fuck you but my ears are really sensitive when you squeal like that at me mom. I will never forget that day ever mom. No all that money from Disabilty is mine. Open your capsule now. My Ex girlfriend is the monkey not me. Okay their is Artwork on here that isn't mine that wish was off here so I don't know and its hard to try and get together wth the artists here I and so many other things are going wrong in my life but and my past has so many weird niches in it that I have no idea.I (underlined)don't like psychoidelic art like the skull on my internet board here. I am so pissed off. Why can't I take those off. And yopui don't have authority to assume which those are but if you think about it it is the ones that aren't mine. I am not gey but I wear girl jeans and an=m kind of anti-social but money is coming back in a weird way now in the 16 hundreds. The book told them all about it already so those guys are Morman. base AveI not very Trivals questions are their worst type. confused. Lately I have been working on watercolor and its fu's. I am allways thinking about art. Do . I made a basement under my house as a studio now I live in my studio in Capital Hill, I have two art portfolio's and a few scans done at Staples in Mill Creek and two writing binders with art I admire aswell. I am a musitian too, I
I was a part of a project called The Leech. I am bad at spelling though but - like Symbolism in writing and Surealism in work like Allen Ginsberg. I made the 54 page or 34 page book mark. While I gathered myself after Arlington. And I am straight. So it had nothing really to do with me being an artist. Please do not change anything on here I had a picture of myself in my favorite scarf and another picture but you should also know I have so many Oil Paintings at my parents house that I am depressed now, nothing has changed about my style I just live in seattle and have a bad habit and I don't really smoke weed I like uppers and I don't like Exstacy really either and go threw a lot of notebooks.


It's 2017 and my brother realizes now that he is the main issue in me being Schitzophranic, in how the music effects you or what Tanner? I don't know my dad gave people his journal and said it was mine which is very mean to me because I take care in my thinking, not style, my dad is weak in hi s confidence. He and they are a big fat literally liars. Kirkland WA Experience Painting and Drawing 101 at Edmonds and I am going to start publishing articles and AP Psychology' 98212 but that doesn't mean to delete this one because please don't. Nobody would know about then. I want to take the artworks I liked off my website and I am so much better at painting but I have moved a bunch a lot5 of stuff has happened. Remember Tanner Bebee because I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Te whole world is turning into a very stupid retards, the roof is on fire, burn mother fucker.


2066793140. I am really close to filling out my complete application right now for more people to see it happen. I am going to be taking on a new style of art in about 30 years that should be good for documentation.


Fie Art Museum off Broadway coming soon. Or was. Will be in the Newspaper. Skin is canvas.