Donald Barnett

Donald Barnett

Cape Town, South Africa

About Donald Barnett

Born 1968 Johannesburg South Africa.
Current residence - Cape Town

With an initial start in Johannesburg, art
has been my profession since 1993. I have
worked in a diversity of mediums and subject matter from acrylic to oils, pencil, watercolour,photoshop and photography - basically anything I can use creatively.

Art does not speak to the viewer if the art has
no soul - it merely becomes a pretty picture. I
have taken great care over the years to impart
personal passion into my work. Specific pieces
tend to reflect a particular time in my life and
the changing world around us.
It gives me great joy to know that my work
hangs in homes around the globe.


Education beyond school - just
loads and loads of experience accompanied
with blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes the
bumping of my nose against a brick wall.
Since then everything I have learnt has
been self taught. Constantly looking for new
challenges, each medium becomes another
tool for creativity.,


Future Shows: My first solo exhibition to take place November 2009

Simonstown Community Hall
18-29 Nov 2009
Cape Town
South africa