Dora Lutz

Dora Lutz

Munich, D, Germany

About Dora Lutz

Born in 1981 in Pécs, South of Hungary and even though part of my family still resides there, I’ve never lived in that particular city. But in many others.
Grew up on the country side in a small village, studied Foreign Trade in Budapest and worked as a croupier for many years on several cruisers. That was the time I picked up the camera and decided to dive into photography after returning to land life.

Following the two years at Szellemkép Photo School in Budapest I’m working on my own projects ever since. Without assignments, deadlines or binding instructions, I am free to pursue any diverse topic I feel valuable enough to capture and present. The main subject of my focus is however: everyday life.
To make people aware, that average is valuable. It is an unfairly disregarded part of life, which deserves more attention, than we pay to it.

I chronicle these, not moments but rather situations with a strong geometrical composition and with the absence of humans. As I believe we tend to think about ourselves in a much permissive way, than our actions represent us. And through the lens, I am interested in reality, not in imagination.


Szellemkép Szabadiskola Photo School in Budapest, Hungary 2012-2014


August-September 2017 - Shangyuan art Museum Residency, Beijing, China
January 2017 - Pinea-Linea De Costa Residency, Rota, Spain
December 2016 - NES Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland


May 2018 - Photometria Festival Group-Exhibition, Ioannia, Greece
May 2018 - Intruders / Common Playgrorund Solo-Exhibition, Mom-Kult, Budapest, Hungary
October 22nd 2017 - Shangyuan Art Museum 2017 International Residency Program Annual Exhibition, Beijing, China
January 28th 2017 - Matters of Patterns residency closing exhibition Rota, Spain
Noovember 2016 - Everyday Geometry Solo-Exhibition, Mom-Kult, Budapest, Hungary
April 18th 2016 - Mini-Exhibition, Photo Street Festival, Budapest, Hungary