Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie

Brick, NJ, United States

About Dawn Marie

Based on the east coast of the United States


My name is Dawn Marie. I am so glad to have you visit my site. I am a holistic wellness practitioner and I like to pass the good vibe on to you through art. I handcraft indoor and outdoor works that can be used to uplift your space. Most of my work contains symbolism such as sacred geometry.

My art can be hung around a meditation space, healing space, office, room, or around your home in general. The colors chosen, are picked because of their vibrancy and because of the light frequency that they reflect. The designs are created by myself either through painting, digital means, or macrame...sometimes a mix of all! Macrame is a strategic knotting process to create a desired design. It is done by hand without the use of a hook or a needle.

Each design and its color have been thought out carefully and in respect to energy. They are intended to create a positive environment, space, home, or as a thoughtful gift to a loved one.


Dawn is a self taught artist, although she has taken art classes. She draws inspiration from Alex Grey, Bob Ross, visionary art work. Dawn has been schooled in early childhood education and the medical arts. However, her path in life has lead her to become certified in different areas of alternative therapies. She is a certified clinical herbalist, energy therapist, crystal healer, meditation instructor, and yoga instructor.