Jim Richards

Jim Richards

Ontario, ON, Canada

About Jim Richards

Jim Richards Canadian Artist
I am a Canadian abstract expressionist artist with a 30 year artistic career, having sold my art internationally and also appearing to millions of viewers on national television. I paint in what I call a "Future Abstract Expressionism" style. I am a mixed media artist often painting with neon, acrylic and spray paint. Action painting are one of the many techniques I utilize in my work. My influences come from pop art, street art, graffiti and abstract expressionist art styles. I am inspired by modern masters such as Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst , Jackson Pollack, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler and William de Kooning. I prefer to sell my works directly online which allows my collectors to acquire works directly from me.


- Interview and artworks have appeared to millions of viewers on the CBC evening news Canada's largest national television network.
- Art film titled "Ground Zero" appeared nationwide on The Much Music television network.
- Several radio interviews throughout the years about my art.