Dzina Jasiuniene

Dzina Jasiuniene

Vilnius, Lithuania

About Dzina Jasiuniene

Born in 1974 in Lithuania.

If there was a need to describe my creation in one sentence, I would say that it is kind of combination of textile and painting. Though I have completed scilicet textile studies, painting is that area, which has always attracted me in particular. And as a textile worker, I have always admired at the ethnographic heritage of different nations, handmade fabrics, carpets and embroideries. I passionately collect books about the textile of the world and each time I open them I start feeling an inspiration to create something new. Except traditional textile crafts, which cannot be dissociated from precision and accuracy, I am also interested in modern textile very much, which ingeniously combines traditions with up-to-date technologies. In painting's area I cannot but marvel at impressionists and expressionists, their bright colours and bristling dabs. All this is reflected in my oeuvre, in which act a brush and a needle as well as texture and facture play with each other.
For my painting I use patterned fabrics designed for housewares, which after being stretched on the stretcher fully lose their initial daily purpose and become independent pieces of art. As distinct from painting on even surface (for example, of silk or linen), use of ornamented texture provides with an arsenal of additional possibilities. One of my main artistic expression means is ornament. Precisely with the help of ornament, changing and transforming it with the help of colour, the multilayered impression is being created, which becomes the additional carrier of meaning. By connecting the techniques of painting and textile I go by the way requiring not only a lot of thoroughness and precision, but presenting many surprises and discoveries as well. Whereas I use different fabricsfor my painting, each started work is kind of experiment with unpredictable result. Precisely this is what charms me most of all.
While creating those "layered" ornaments I use ethnographic motives of different nations of the world, not necessarily directly, that could be just allusions by their form or colour. In such a way, not emphasizing neither political nor social topicalities, I search for a peaceful dialogue among different cultures, which universal artistic language is comprehensible for Easterners and Westerners, Northerners and Southerners. I seek for harmony in which spicy oriental element would go in suit with the heat of southerners, west moderation andnorthern restraint, textile-type thoroughness and freedom of painting.


Textile MA, graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts.


Personal exibitions

2016 THE FLYING CARPETS. The Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery, Panevėžys.
2015 Exhibition of paintings. DOMUS GALLERY,Vilnius
2015 Exhibition of paintings. Vilnius city municipality.
2015 Exhibition of paintings. National Audit Office of the LR, Vilnius
2014 Exhibition of paintings. Museum „Sėla“. Biržai
2014 GOLDEN MEAN. VAA textile art gallery ARTIFEX. Vilnius
2013 UPTURN. Gallery „Mažoji galerija“. Druskininkai
2013 ABRAKADABRA. Gallery "Meno nisa". Vilnius.
2013 EVOLUTION. Family clinic "Gera pradzia". Vilnius.
2013 ABRAKADABRA. Library-community house. Giruliai.
2013 ABRAKADABRA. Gallery "Ramybe". Palanga.
2008 One work exibition organized by Society of Lithuanian Artists.
2008 Ceramics. Gallery „Meno niša“. Vilnius
2007 Decorations. Gallery „Meno niša“. Vilnius

Group exibitions

2017 THE OTHER ART FAIR. Brooklyn Expo Center, New York.
2016 THE VII BIENNIAL OF LITHUANIAN TEXTILE ART „Body And Soul“. Gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
2015 TEXTILE EXHIBITION “THE OLD AND THE NEW”. Janina Marks Museum-Gallery, Kėdainiai
2014 THE VI BIENNIAL OF LITHUANIAN TEXTILE ART „Tekstilė X“. Gallery „Arka“, Vilnius.
2014 Art for Home. DOMUS GALERIJA, Vilnius.
2013 MotherDays. Gallery ARTIFEX, Vilnius
2013 From Application to the Monument. Center of Culture, Warszawa.
2010 Artistic felt. Galery TITANIKAS, Vilnius
2009 Opening No2. Gallery ARTIFEX, Vilnius
2009 Ice cream kiosk. Gallery ARTIFEX, Vilnius
2008 Behind the bounds. Exibition of textile arts in Pamenkalnis gallery of the Society of Lithuanian Artists. Vilnius
2008 Behind the bounds. Exibition of textile arts in XXL gallery, Panevėžys
2008 Public event Sostinės dienos (Capital days) (represented gallery „Meno niša“). Vilnius
2008 Exibition of final works of the VAA students. Settlement of artists, Nida
2008 Dreams. Exibition in VAA , Vilnius
2007 International mini-textile art bienale. Lino archetipas. Gallery „Arka“, Vilnius
2006 Final works exibition of VAA magisters. „Art printing house“. Vilnius
2006 Days of Lithuania in Poland. Lithuanian Embassy in Poland. Warszaw, Poland
2005 Joint exibition of VAA Vilnius and Kaunas textile departments. Exhibition hall in Panemunes castle. Pilies I k., Jurbarko raj.
2004 Exibition of VAA textile department student works. The exhibition pavilion in Klaipėda
2004 Clothing collection. Hotel “Conti”. Vilnius
2003 Exibition of works of the VAA students. Settlement of artists, Nida
2003 Garden. Botanical garden of the Vilnius University. Vilnius
2003 Lie. „Art printing house“. Vilnius
2003 Bag. Pamenkalnis gallery of the Society of Lithuanian Artists. Vilnius
2002-2003 Second international exibition of miniatures. Gallery “Stiklo karoliukai”. Vilnius
1999 Cup. Pamenkalnis gallery of the Society of Lithuanian Artists. Vilnius