Edith Torony

Edith Torony

Ghiroda, Timis, Romania

About Edith Torony

What you will see here is a perpetual search in the way I choose to think differently and to create myself as a visual seeker.

Simplicity is valuable to me. Ideas come from everywhere, but they grow best in solitude.
I like to reconstruct the world, to isolate things from their context, parts and elements from my compositions, reducing everything to what is essential, so that the subject will look as if it had been there for a long time, very natural, just expecting to be seen like that.
Awareness is important, also the way you think and observe the world. I like contradictions and I think freedom is not something we can achieve;it is what we choose to have from the start in creating unconventional distinctive works.


Member of the Romanian Artists Union,
Painting Department, Timisoara Branch 2011.


2010 – 2012 Master`s Degree at West University of Timisoara Arts and Design
2007 – 2010 License Degree West University of Timisoara Arts and Design Faculty
2003 – 2007 Arts High School of Timisoara



2006 Pro Armia Gallery, Timisoara; Papillion Café, Timisoara
2014 Calpe Gallery, Timisoara
2016 Zid Gallery
2017 Senso Gallery, Bucharest
2018 Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara
2019 Forma Gallery, Deva
2019 Estopia Gallery, Bucharest
2019 Five Plus Art Gallery, Wien


2006 Joc Secund Bookstore, Timisoara; Pro Armia Gallery, Timisoara
2007 Pro Armia Gallery, Timisoara
2009 Helios Gallery, Timisoara
2010 Casa Artelor Gallery, Timisoara; UnaGaleria Gallery, Bucharest,
Helios Art Gallery, Timisoara; Saloon of Visual Arts of UAP, Art Museum
2011 Saloon of Visual Arts of UAP, Art Museum Timisoara
2012 Helios Gallery, Timisoara; Art Museum Timisoara
2013 Triade Gallery, Timisoara; Helios Gallery, Timisoara; Art University
Gallery,Szeged; Saloon of Visual Arts of UAP, Art Museum Timisoara
2014 IX-XI Galery, Budapest; Helios Gallery, Timisoara; European Parliament,
2015 Art Museum Constanta
2016 Art Museum Constanta, Senso Gallery Bucharest, Berlin: Marzia Frozen Gallery


2012 Herneacova
2013 Jimbolia, Gernik, Csongrad
2015 European Bridges Eforie South, Csongrad, Gârnic, Urban Pastel Timisoara
2016 European Bridges Eforie South, Dubova
2020 Herczeg Foundation -Contemporary Art Sympozium / camp Garana, Ro


2017 Positions Art Fair, Berlin


2013 Art Museum Timisoara, Saloon of Visual Arts of UAP - Calpe Gallery Award
2015 Pro Cultura – Certitudini award from Timis County Council
2017 - First Prize for painting, International Art Biennale Meeting Point, Arad


The Secret Sky , Excelsior Art Publishing , 2006
15 Stories High , Brumar Publishing 2007
67 - unknot poems, George Schinteie, Artpress Publishing 2016
Edith Torony (artbook), Brumar Publishing 2017