Egle Karlonaite

Egle Karlonaite

Kaunas, Lithuania, Lithuania

About Egle Karlonaite

Egle Karlonaite, born in 1991 is an artist based in Lithuania whose paintings have been exhibited in Switzerland, France, Italy and the United States. Influenced by post-war European artistic styles that feature heavy brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and a spontaneous artistic process, she describes her abstract art as "freedom in painting". Artist exploring high-intensity color contrasts, fast brush strokes that turning to softer more detailed brushwork. Her art references and explores freedom, mood of the moment, daily life emotions, personal experiences.


2018 – The Global Art Awards. Finalist „Newcomer category“. MACA DMCC. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2019 – Swiss Art Expo. Semi-finalist. ARTBOX.GROUPS GMBH. Zurich, Switzerland.
2020 - Women In Art Award 2020 Rome, Italy
PIAB 2021 Worldwide Artist Award Nominees - Nominated- Barcelona, Spain.


2020 - Women Essence, Palazzo Velli, Rome, Italy.
2020 - Solo Exhibition "Modern Freedom", Kaunas, Lithuania
2019 – Swiss Art Expo , Zurich, Switzerland.
2019 – Musee du Louvre “Carrousel du Louvre”, Paris, France.
2019 - Red Dot Miami, Florida, USA,
2019 - ART BASEL, Mana Wynwood, Miami, USA.
2018 – Galleria La Pigna “Over The Realm Dreams” Rome, Italy.

Features in Magazines/ Books:

House & Garden UK (june, july, august 2018 issues )
The Addison Suite – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine | Summer campaign 2018 & 2020
Local magazine "Mano namai" about home & interiors (october 2019 issue)
"We Contemporary" 2019 book