Elena Gluth

Elena Gluth

Berlin, Germany

About Elena Gluth

www.elenagluth.com / info@elenagluth.com / live and work in Berlin /
concentrate on drawing / My interest is devoted to exploring basic elements, structures and their relations. Contrast, tension and balance are the principles that move me. Impulsiveness / emotionality of the body and the ordered / systemic / analytical thought contrast each other. Their tension provokes the drawing activity, reflected creation of a system and breaking out of it, the drawing process being the means of finding a balance between the two extremes. Finding a balance is something that I associate with physical space, with a body, object, phenomenon or idea searching a position in the environment, trying to localize itself. Thus, I perceive my drawing activity as a permanent attempt of localization.


2005 - Magistra in Linguistics, Free University Berlin


2019 - Kunsttage Dresden, Sektor, Germany, Installation "NeuesMemo"
2019 - Städtische Galerie ada Meiningen, Germany, "Bilderberg_89_Bilderflut"


2019 - Kunsttage Dresden, Sektor Evolution, Germany, Installation "NeuesMemo"
2019 - KunstgalerieHans, Dresden, Germany, "Landscapes"
2019 - Städtische Galerie ada Meiningen, Germany, "Bilderberg_89_Bilderflut"
2018 - Kunsthalle Zürich, VOLUMES - Independent Art Book Publishing Fair
2018 - KunstgalerieHans, Dresden, Germany, "Grafik in Fläche und Raum"
2017 - KunstgalerieHans, Dresden, Germany, »Aquatinta bis Zeichnung«
2017 - KunstgalerieHans, Dresden, Germany "Elbhangfest"
2017 - KunstgalerieHans, Dresden, Germany, "Frühlingserwachen"
2015 - Anonyme Zeichner / Anonymous Drawings, Berlin