Elena Korn

Elena Korn

Bish, Kyrgyzstan

About Elena Korn

I do not like to speak about myself... More about me speaks my work... I can add only to this incomplete list, what my creativity defines 3 aspects, it is a psychology, a form and a conception... The basic principle is argument of A.Tarkovsky "The true artistic image it is always the organic unity of idea and form. A form without of the idea or an idea without the form it is variations what destroy the artistic image and go outside the art..."
I am founder of International Art Project «Concept» on facebook:
> Graphic / abstract painting /
> Concept / project-experimental group C o n c e p t / photography


University Primo Levi | Bologna | Italy
Photography, 2006–2007


2007 Premio Celeste | Italy
2013 Creatives Rising | NY, USA
2013 Exposure Exhibition | NY, USA
2017 Exhibition View 4 | Liverpool, UK
2017 Exhibition View 4 | Bauchi, Nigeria
2019 Exhibition The 13th POLLUX AWARD | Barcelona, ES