Erm Wohol

Erm Wohol

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Erm Wohol

Multi-faceted personality of the painter Erm Wohol perceive the world and others through painting. According to the artist: "most Importantly, I am attracted to my work, it brings interest to me and fills me...". Landscapes of Erm Wohol keep his own excitement and awe state of mind. The same course of the river, he successfully writes in different times of the year, creating an entire art series. In Erm Wohol, the image of the same area becomes a cycle of portraits of nature in different circumstances of life: pre-winter, spring, summer, fall.

Painting is a big part of artistic practice Erm Wohol. Prized at exhibitions in , Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Shanghai, London, Berlin, it is of continuing interest to art lovers. Poetic romantic landscapes and still lifes have found their place in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Turkey, China.

The meaningful presence of landscape in a very popular genre could pick out the art of Erm Wohol in scenic space. His impressionistic skill indicated by the sign of recognition of the author , and also desirable for a potential buyer – that is important fact in shaping the public image of the author . Nevertheless , creativity, as well as over time , require the thinking from the artist the constant improving the emotional context, which , as we know, hidden in artistic experimentation and constant desire to go beyond the already developed paradigms. Often this process is empirical , but seldom clearly prompted by interest in the analysis of real and surreal existence and properties of current events. Expressionism as external and internal promise of his paintings tasks, became a stylistic feature of artistic ideas , the emergence of other related emotional reading of sacred not only those , but also other beautiful scenes. And here we come to the object of artistic narratives. And here the theory of " differences and complementarity " dominated - which is obvious signs of postmodern thinking , inherently fit into the representation of the artist. Same principle of visualization became improvisation weave creates a whimsical environment in space and time elements of nature , man and the cosmos , that is, in its philosophical essence of unity subordinate feelings, passions and desires . And to understand the truth of it for the audience is no enough just seeing , as in the works of the famous landscape artist. This requires careful attention to every inch of fabric - part that is the kind of information. And in sum and creates a new view of the amazing unity of spirit and creativity, become a pledge sometimes unexpected , but always attractive innovations Erm Wohol art .b



The National Art Museum of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine
Vienna Museum of Art History. Vienna, Austria
Kiev Museum of Russian Art. Kiev, Ukraine
The Ukrainian Museum. New York, USA
Zaporozhye Art Museum. Zaporozhye / Ukraine
The I. Brodsky Art Museum. Berdyansk / Ukraine
Khmelnitsky regional art museum. Khmelnitsky / Ukraine
Sevastopol Art Museum. Kroshitsky. Sevastopol / Ukraine
Museum of Contemporary Art Chernigov "Plast-Art." Chernigov / Ukraine
Melitopol local history museum. Melitopol / Ukraine
The Russian-American Foundation. New York, USA
Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations. New York, USA
Embassy of France. Kiev, Ukraine
Embassy of the USA. Kiev, Ukraine
The Brooklyn City Hall. New York, USA
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine
Gallery «Inter Art Gallery Reich». Cologne / Germany
Anisis Gallery. Baden / Switzerland
Gallery "Soviart". Kiev, Ukraine
The Irena Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
The Martinez Gallery. Cannes / France
Gallery "Fanar". Luner / Switzerland
The Atelier Karas Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine
Gallery "Triptych". Kiev, Ukraine
Gallery "Mystetsk zbirka". Kiev, Ukraine
National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy". Kiev, Ukraine
Collection Gradobanka. Kiev, Ukraine
Collection Ukrsotsbank. Kiev, Ukraine
Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange. Kiev, Ukraine
Company Oriflame. Kiev, Ukraine


In 2007 the exhibition in the salon-gallery "Natalievsky Paradise"

In 2008 the exhibition in Kharkov in Expohall

In 2011, an exhibition in Kiev on the plein air in Crimea

In 2013, the exhibition in the gallery "Kostyurinsky Lane"