Elisaveta Angelova

Elisaveta Angelova

Burgas, Burgas, Bulgaria

About Elisaveta Angelova

I love staring at the human soul and recognizing her longings, looking at the world through the eyes of a child - with a look, pure, clear, naive.
The child is the main character in my paintings - perhaps because I am a mother or because I convincingly conjures up my ideas through it.
I'm provoked by the surrounding reality, in which everything is beautiful, shiny, but at the same time "hollow" and false; A reality in which values ​​are displaced or absent. Today's world educates our children in a consumer spirit, turns people into "accounts", deletes the spiritual part of human development. There is a war, "dressed" in pretensions and lies, a war between good and evil; A war in which the virtual shifts the real. A world is created in which fashion dictates our whole future.
My paintings reflect this world and the problems in it, but they give a solution. Exit always exists. With the help of God and through art, we will seek freedom. We will create peace, first in our souls, then - between people. And peace brings love. It will bring us together and make us one whole to live in harmony with our entire world.


2005 I graduate from the "St. St. Cyril and Methodius "city of Burgas, with profile" Fine arts ".
2010 Graduated from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bachelor's Degree in "Church Painting"
 2017. I graduate from Shumen University, Shumen, Master's degree in Pedagogy of Painting,
I am a member of the "Bulgarian Iconographic Association" and the "Bourgas Artists Association"
I have always been involved in painting. I work mostly figurative painting, icon painting and mural painting. I love exploring human states and longings, I am interested in contemporary problems in society as well as important historical events. All this inspires me to give life on one more canvas and create a new picture.
Art is my calling!


2016 "Fikosota" Award - "House of Humor and Satire" Gabrovo


Independent exhibitions
2015 "Modern Wars" - Vuzrajdane Gallery - Plovdiv
2017 "Goodnight Tales" -Gallery Paris, Sofia