Elizabeth Yarie

Elizabeth Yarie

Austin, TX, United States

About Elizabeth Yarie

Elizabeth's life is as much of a statement of art as any painting or dance that she has done. She lived on several continents and traveled the world all before the age of 25. Much of her life she has been involved professionally in some sort of art form. She was herself a professional dancer for 15 yrs. She has returned to an art form she hasn't enjoyed for many years- painting and drawing and currently works in Oil Pastels, Acrylics and Fabric Sculpture.

"What I really strive for in my work is that the viewer participates in the painting. An artist has license to alter the agreed upon realities.
I create Art that helps people believe we are something beyond what we were told we are. We have capabilities beyond what we were lead to believe. I know that is true for me and I hope you can enjoy my work and see your dreams reflected there."

Thank you,


I draw from some of my previous studies in Art & my brief college experience. Most of education comes from the University of Life from which I hold several degrees.


Several pieces are currently hanging in Austin Art & Frame Gallery