Elvira Byrnes

Elvira Byrnes

Sydney, NSW, Australia

About Elvira Byrnes

An Australian artist with interests in philosophy and meditation, arts, music, literature and everything enjoyable and sybaritic.

My painting interests are in oil, acrylic, watercolour and ink media, being influenced by Chinese and Japanese painting styles, Indian and Tibetan art and culture, global impressionists, realists and abstract artists.

I was born and raised in Russia, and have been living in Australia for the second half of my life. My family are highly-educated teachers, professors, military officers. From the young age appreciate of art. music, literature, ballet have been instilled in me. My father who completed three highest military institutions, a lieutenant-colonel, was creating amazing works of art in many genre - sculpture, paintings, calligraphy, wood carvings, poster design. Whatever he touched turned out great. I like to think that his artistic blood runs through me. As well as my mother, a professor of English, with amazing appreciation of classical music, ballet, art and literature. I am truly blessed to know that her linguistic blood runs through me.

I have worked in the corporate world most of my life as an IT support engineer and in sales, and later on as an acupuncturist and a life coach.

I derive most of my inspirations currently from nature. I spend time observing nature and taking photographs at different times of the day and seasons. I often do my own flower arrangements for still lifes inspired by the masters of the past. I am preparing the materials for en plein air painting. I also love to study the great masters paintings and love to think about how they created and what kind of techniques they used so I can learn from them.


Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney at the Rocks, Painting in the Third Eye School of Ted Blackall, Paddington Art School of Stephen Wesley Gorton, and have been privileged to take lessons with well-known Australian artists - Ted Blackall, Stephen Mann, Josefia Lemon, Stephen Wesley Gorton, Evert Ploeg. Currently developing myself in the areas of landscape, still life, en plein air and portraiture. Largely self-taught.


2020 - Monaco, Exhibition at the Art3f Fair
2020 - Sing-Nature, Solo exhibition at The Arts House, Singapore
2019 - The Australian High Commission Singapore - Selected to exhibit a solo show
2013 - finalist in the Hornsby Art Prize.


2020 - Sing-Nature, Solo exhibition at The Arts House, Singapore
2019 - Solo Exhibition at The Australian High Commission Singapore
2013 Hornsby Art Prize, Hornsby, Sydney, Australia