elvira dayel

elvira dayel

San Francisco, CA, United States

About elvira dayel

Born in Ukraine, I am currently based in San Francisco Bay Area. I work in series of large abstract works of drawings done in soft/dry pastel on paper as well as 3D-printed mixed media sculpture. My work may be described as modernist. It is influenced by modern architecture / spacial organization, & thoughts of space and time, temporal adjacencies. In my work I reference the 20th century Russian avant-garde, the Constructivism, as well as such early modernists as Matisse, specifically his “cut-outs”. I’d like to think of my work as having its own original XXI century voice. Trained as an artist & an architect, I also work in new media including digital rendering (surface & space visualization) and 3d-printing. My work is interwoven and interconnected between and within the media I use. Using strong, carefully considered color and bold geometric form, I frequently incorporate depictions of the female archetype. The female figure is often placed alone in an invented landscape, color and line announce her presence. Her voice, her existence, her spirit are loud, vivid, red.

I see myself as a minimalist using only as much as needed to convey an idea. The color I use carries its own vision. Invented landscapes are new realities, they are constructs. They provide a vision for an abstracted notion of a place and space. In my work the landscape is deconstructed and re-imagined as a new notion. My work is my metaphor for searching, and my landscapes & invented places implicate the presence of the unknown. Each work, each landscape exploration, creates a parallel reality and carries its own vision. Made-up / created landscapes are new realities & are loosely grounded to provide a vision for an abstracted notion of a place, space, or absence thereof. These notions generate an invented (fictional) city/place, thus the work creates its own context which other work may inhabit.


UC, Los Angeles
Master's of Architecture, 2004
UC, Irvine 2001
BA in Fine Arts / Visual Arts;
BS in Biological Sciences;
Minor is Digital Imaging and Design.
Harvard University, GSD
Summer 6-week Architecture Program


working on an ART Guitar - project - fundraising for breast cancer research. Hard Rock Cafe donated 10 brand new guitars to Art Attack SF gallery. Each of 10 artists are putting in their time for designing new appearance for those guitars, which later, October 2015, will be auctioned off. stay tuned for photos.


wht: v i s u a l c h a s e
whr: Rock & Rapture / onyx, 289 Divisadero st., SF 94117
whn: the exhibit is on view 19`12`12 through 20`03`02 [store hours: M-F 12-7, Sa 11-7, S 12-6p]
opening reception - Divisadero Art Walk - Dec.12, 6-10p

wht: i n t o t h e c u r r e n t
whr: Drawing Room . Annex . 2675 Mission st., San Francisco, CA 94110 . www.drawingroomsf.com
whn: the exhibit is on view 19`12`21 through 20`02`22 ... [gallery hours: F-S 6-9p]

wht: g e s t u r e
whr: a.n.alog gallery. 886 Capp st., San Francisco, CA 94110 . . website: analog-space.org . IG: @analog.gallery.sf
whn: exhibit is on view 20`02`07 through 20`03`06 ... [gallery hours: S 12-5p]
opening reception :: Fri., Feb. 7, 5:30 - 9p . . closing reception :: Fri., March 6, 5:30 - 9p

wht: w o m e n ' s v i e w 2 0 2 0
whr: Caldwell Galleries. 400 County Center, Redwood City, 94063 // San Mateo Arts Commission
whn: exhibit is on view 20`03`02 through 20`05`30 ... [gallery hours: M-F 9a-4:30p] // DUE TO c-19 gallery access is prohibited