erna ucar

erna ucar

Istanbul, Uskudar, Turkey

About erna ucar

Erna Ucar was born in Ankara in 1979 and graduated from the Graphic Design School, Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University in 2001. She lived in Moscow between 2004-2014 and while there became deeply fascinated with Russian Fine Arts.Spending years living in Cyprus, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia, experiencing life and light in different geographies and climates, has had a great impact on her life and her art. Her paintings focus on different physical aspects of each location she visits. Erna works with colours that do not need to be in perfect harmony and uses silhouettes that remind us of her background in graphic design.
She uses lattice on cotton paper with acrylic ink and pen thinner than 1mm. Subject matter aside, the main commonality of Erna’s pieces is her attention to detail and the dreamlike quality of all her paintings, whether figurative, abstract, or landscape.


Graphic Design School in Fine Arts Faculty in Hacettepe University . Ankara


Exhibitions & Publications
2021 - Contemporary Art Curator / Collector’s Vision International Art Award / Finalist
2020 - Capsule Book Curatorial Vol:2 / Chemistry Series / Sydney
2019 - Hoxton 253 Gallery Groups Exhibition Mindfulness / London
2019 - Bricklane Gallery Abstract Exhibition / London
2019 - Contemporary Art Curator / Online Exhibition /
2018 - Sanat Gezgini Gallery, Erna Ucar ‘Chemistry’ Exhibition / Istanbul
2016 - Istanbul Exlibris Society, Exlibris exhibition / Istanbul
2001 - Hacettepe University Fine Art Faculty Exhibition / Ankara
1998 - Hacettepe University Photography Exhibition / Ankara