Esther Tajani

Esther Tajani

Maur, Zurich, Switzerland

About Esther Tajani

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and since very young I had always had a passion for painting and exploring the different ways to apply my innate interest for art. Growing up surrounded by stunning landscapes, inspired me to apply my artistic expression through drawing, painting canvas, murals, mirrors, etc. until the creation of my own manufacturing enterprise where design and hand-painting on wood were the key for the products success.
But time for changes came on and different countries, job opportunities and careers were still expecting, giving me the opportunity to live in Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland by now. During that time, my passion for art was always present and sculpting courses were a new sort of inspiration and visual 3D improving from time to time. Nowadays, I am almost completely dedicated to painting and digital design, bringing to light all those vivid images and colors of those beloved countries, that are impressed in my mind. Through landscapes that sometimes are immersing in abstracts and also following my tendency to think that everything you can imagine is real, my inspiration is standing here as innate and passionate as it has always been!


Sculpting courses in Caracas, Mantua (Palazzo Gonzaga) and Glasgow School of Art.

Business, Commercial and Management.


Home and internet Galleries.