Eva Konya

Eva Konya

Palma, Balears, Spain

About Eva Konya

The perfection of the world - or the perfect world

(excerpt, author: Kathren Reinhold, art historian and writer, Germany 2006)

The focal point of Éva Kónya’s art is the Rose – a flower that manifests the ultimate divine proportion whose unique appearance is the embodiment of harmony and perfection. While exploring the correlations between the quest for truth, universal truths and the universe itself, the artist finds inspiration in the symbolic language of the rose – a language that brings together cultures, nations and people. (...)
Micro cosmoses – flowers – grow into macro cosmoses reflective of the world. Each tells a story of its own, each being a piece of the big puzzle - the essence of life. Like bricks, Éva Kónya’s roses tell tales of love, a zest for life, passion, charm, respect, reflection as well as of elegance, uniqueness, pride and the omnipresent spirit of life. In Éva Kónya’s art, spirituality joins human intellect in the imagery of the ancient icon painting tradition.

Éva Kónya’s roses tell the story of her life. Born in Hungary, she moved to Hamburg, Germany, where she gained her degree in graphic design and worked as art director for magazine publishers – until swapped the urban way of life for Mallorca, Spain, where she found personal fulfilment as a painter.
Her artistic sentiment is that of the Dutch masters: flowers are floral creatures and symbols and represent the artist’s eternal quest for (sun)light and for the individual as much as the notions of soul, joy, transformation and change. Everything is changing. Everything is a big, whole One.

Éva Kónya was born in Hungary. She started to study graphic design in Budapest and eventually gained her degree in graphic design in Hamburg. Today, she lives and works in Palma de Mallorca.


Budapest at the University of Fine Arts, and in Hamburg at the Art School Alsterdamm to obtain a Master in Graphic Design. I am studied painting with Dr. Imre Draznyák, Zoltán Tölg Molnár, Clemens Gröszer and Rob de Vry.


Fine Art Competitions:
1998 Fränkische Galerie-Fürstenbau,
Festung Rosenberg, Kronach;
1999 Kunstpreis-Sparkasse, Karlsruhe;
2000 Stadtmuseum, Pforzheim;
2006 3. Trobada de international pintors en
Palma 2006 V. Certamen D’Art Creatiu A.M. Lliteras,
2007 XXXV Concurso
International de Pintura, Museo de la Alcalá
de Guadaira
Art fairs:
2010 Russian Fine Arts, London


Group exhibitions:
1999 Galerie der Gegenwart/Wiesbaden
2002 Landtag Rheinland-Pfalz/Mainz, Kunstverein
2003 Galerie Circus Kunstverein Rugen
2005 Kunstforum-International
2006 Galeria Hella-Maria Höfer, Port
2007 Az új magyar Avantgarde, Vaszary-Terem,
Galerie Broekmann, Krefeld;
2012 Nit de‘l ART; hotel d‘Entitats Joven
2012 Ciudadanos Eoropeos de Balears,
Ajuntamiento Calviá
2014 Galeria Hella Maria Höfer, Mallorca

Individual exhibitions:
2000 Galeria Mensch, Hamburg
2001 Sala de exposiciones/Caja de
2004 Galeria de Arte, Sant Joanet, Sóller
2007 S‘Estació Artá;
Sala Capitular de la Cartuxa Valldemossa;
Tabaluga-Peter Maffay Fundació,
2008 Galeria de Arte Minkner,
Palma de Mallorca
2009 Volksbank Galeria H-Budapest;
Boscolo Hotel Gallery, H-Budapest;
2010 JAM-Ház Vecsés, Hungary
2013 Son Vida Golfhouse, Mallorca