Ewa Podleś

Ewa Podleś

., England, United Kingdom

About Ewa Podleś

I was born in 1975 in Poland. In 2002 I graduated from Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in glass and ceramics. In 2002 I received my diploma in glass design as well as my diploma in painting. At the moment I am living and creating in The United Kingdom. My works are collected in Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Italy, The United Arab Emirates and The United Kingdom. I use acrylic, oil and gilding on wooden panels. Recently I moved on to create digital paintings.


Academy of Fine Arts-Wroclaw/Poland


may 2004 / galerie zoo / strasbourg-france
june 2004 / gallery the other way /cracow-poland
march 2005 / polska institutet / stockholm – sweden
may 2008 / aaf / new york – usa
october 2008 / aaf / london - uk
february 2009 / 20/21 / london – uk
october 2009 /aaf /london – uk
september 2010 /8th small painting triennal-poland
may 2016/galerie DIA/wroclaw-poland
october 2016/artmarket/budapest-hungary
july 2017/SWA exhibition / mall gallery / London-uk