Fabrizio Gandini

Fabrizio Gandini

Rome, Italy

About Fabrizio Gandini

Born and raised in Rome,Italy, after achieving his University degree he lived for several years in Madrid, Spain and later in Guadalajara, Mexico, where his hobby for photography became a full time profession.
In Mexico he worked as photographer at first, then as Photo Editor and Graphic Consultant in an important newspaper.
After returning to Italy he took up Freelance Photography, working on assignment for Italian and foreign established Travel and Reportage magazines, Photography Agencies and Corporate Clients.
His Fine Art photography is the result of snapshots taken during his various photography assignments and projects which aimed to capture different places on the globe and life situations through details reflecting his perception and feeling about those moments.
At the moment he is based in Rome, Italy.


Degree in Political Sciences, major in International Relations - L.U.I.S.S University, Rome, Italy.
Self-taught photographer.