Federico Gessi

Federico Gessi

Pesaro, Marche, Italy

About Federico Gessi

A research on the balance.

A synthesis of shape, concept, space, balance and matter. In order to enter the work of Federico Gessi is necessary to start from a project that the artist marks on a simple piece of paper, caged in the Golden Section rules and the anthropometric scale of proportions devised by Le Corbusier, known as "Modulor": the place where he can sets free all his creativity. Repeated and rhythmical measures.

Proportions that refer to the canon of Renaissance beauty and which interpret, with the contemporary’s language, an all-Italian heritage of compositional harmony. The geometric perspective’s tradition becomes balance, the interpretation is the choice to put into dialogue shapes and materials, colors and linear signs.
These are the bases where he founds his "Strutturazioni", interesting and vibrant artworks, as if "esprit de geometrie" and "esprit de finesse" just naturally mix.

A game of balances and shining surfaces, marked with the smoothness of the paint in contrast with the roughness of the stones. Tactile sensations enclosed in lines marking the two-dimensional space, spreading outside in protruding metal elements. Cold, glazed, smooth and cryptic. Counter-parts of the Plexiglas transparency and stone veining. A game of norm perfections and variations, compensating each other. Where the colour is a pure synthesis of the space, the light is the spontaneity of the led or the reflection on the surface. The thought becomes matter in a long creative process that is starting in a carpentry, in the water-spray polishing the marble, in the laser cutting the metals, ending in the sour smell of the paint. Integrated and composed elements those are configuring the elegances of a new "Strutturazione".

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Federico Gessi was born in Pesaro (Italy) in 1973 in an ordinary family, mom was a housewife and his father had diverse works: tailor, artisan, seller but mainly he was an inventor and a dreamer!
Grown up with the Arnaldo Pomodoro’s “Sfera Grande”, symbol of the city, always present in his mind. Since adolescence, he remains totally dazzled by his work, by the expressive languages of Le Corbusier and by the Russian artistic avant-gardes (Malevich, El Lissitzky, Melnikov), true loves that will guide his future choices and academicals studies. He graduated in Building Engineering in 2000 at the "Politecnico delle Marche", shaping his artistic and creative nature with the passionate study of geometry, architecture and arts.

The thirst for knowledge drove him to travel all around Europe, looking for modern and contemporary architecture able to enrich his academicals studies, then visiting museums and art galleries in the autumn 1996 he decided to spend some months in Paris. When returned in Italy, he started immediately to paint assiduously with synthetic paint, pushed by and incredible spiritual expressive charge and, at the same time, he started to frequent artisans, carpenters, blacksmiths and painters workshops.

The paint strong smell and colour guided Gessi to the research of the perfect design balance and of the right harmony between shape, matter and abstraction; the “seeking of wonder” through the manipulation of simple material like metals, resins and stones is the driving force that moved and will move his work. A work of craftsmanship on the edge between painting and sculpture: hence the term coined for his works, the word “Strutturazione” (from “struttura-structure” and “composizione-composition”), an artistic expression that depicts the soul of his artworks, where the shiny colour of the paint stands in opposition to the polished stone and steel, a perpetual, constant and persistent interaction between the “synthetic” and the “natural” colour from where are arising reflections and mutually inter-linked hidden mirroring effects.

Lives and works in Pesaro.


On August 24th, the 10th Edition of the "Soncino Biennale, to Marco" (Cremona - Italy) will open, an international exhibition of contemporary art that this year will host 81 artists selected by the curator Demis Martinelli, from countries including Italy, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Mexico, Slovakia, USA, all engaged in the search for new artistic languages. Exceptionally on display the famous work "Merda d'artista" by Piero Manzoni, granted by the Piero Manzoni Foundation for the entire duration of the Biennale.


I'm one of the 81 selected artists.
Vernissage: Saturday 24th August at 5.30 pm at the Rocca Sforzesca
Exposure duration: from 24 August to 29 September 2019


Group exhibitions / Selection

Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "Malamegi Lab 11" at the Transnational Centre for Visual Arts "ImagoArs" of Venice, curated by Massimo Toffolo e Margherita Jedrzejewska.

Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "23th Edition of the Marche Prize" at the Forte Malatesta (Malatesta Fort) of Ascoli Piceno, curated by A.M.I.A. (Marche Association of Artistic Initiatives). https://www.premiomarche.it
Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "Arte Prize - Mondadori Cairo Editore" at Palazzo Reale, P.zza Duomo, Milan, editor in Chief Michele Bonuomo. https://www.cairoeditore.it/Premio-Arte-/2018-Finalisti-e-Vincitori.html
Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "BAC - Biancoscuro Art Contest 2018" at Monte Carlo Bay Resort, Principality of Monaco, curated by Vincenzo Chetta. https://artcontest.biancoscuro.it/site/vincitori
Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "BAC Winter 2017", 8th Edition of Art Parma Fair (Parma), curated by Vincenzo Chetta.

"Salon des Refusés", at "Gare82 Gallery" (Brescia), curated by Ettore Marchina. http://www.gare82.net/
Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "9th Edition of the Nocivelli Prize" at the Church of the Discipline of Verolanuova (Brescia), curated by the Cultural Association "Thecne". https://www.premionocivelli.it
Finalist Artworks Exhibition, "9th Biennal of Soncino, to Marco" at the Rocca Sforzesca (Sforza Castle), the former Filanda (Spinning Mill) Meroni and the Museo della Stampa (Printing Museum) of Soncino (Cremona), curated by the Cultural Association "Quartiere 3".
"17th International Contemporary Art Event - Dialogue with the twentieth century Masters", at “Galleria Farini Concept” (Bologna), exhibited artworks by Andy Warhol, Franco Angeli, Tano Festa, Mario Schifano, presentation by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

"9th International Contemporary Art Event", at “Galleria Farini Concept” (Bologna).

Customize with his work the lift at the Alexander Museum Palace Hotel in Pesaro: “...nine floors of contemporary arts: 63 rooms signed by 75 artists and the common areas decorated by other 25 artists (Simon Benetton, Luigi Carboni, Enzo Cucchi, Gino Marotta, Mimmo Paladino, Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro)”. http://www.alexandermuseum.it/

Solo exhibitions / Selection

In the folds of the material - at the “Exhibition room BdM” (Pesaro)

Trhee - at the “Atelier Bizzarri Design” (Pesaro)

Not carved sculptures - at “Blanco” (Pesaro)

Small fluid sculptures - at the “Libreria del Barbiere” in Pesaro, place opened in 1996 with
Eliseo Mattiacci Exhibition